What are some adaptations of a butterfly?

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I've caught a common black butterfly with white spots on the tips of it's wings. I need to know some adaptations please!!!
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  • paul answered 6 years ago
Many butterflies and moths have what are called eye spots on their wings. These are evolved to look like eyes of a larger species. When a predator is near the butterfly or moth will suddenly open the wings. In that flash of the eye spots the predator will be startled enough to hesitate, allowing the butterfly or moth to escape. Because of the sudden flash the "eye spots" do not need to look exactly like eyes.
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  • Bonnie Lebron answered 4 months ago
    its mimicry
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  • Drake answered 6 years ago
    well, the white spots on the tips on it's wings are a defense mechanism that they spring open their wings to frighten their predators. also they have taste buds in their feet to "taste" the ground they land on and their long probosis or mouthparts help them reach the nectar inside flowers.
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  • c.ahmad answered 6 years ago
    its mimicry, its used to defend itself to to make birds and other animals that eat it think that another animal bigger than the butterfly is looking at it
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