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Why Italy is called "Włochy"?

Why does the Polish call Italy as "Włochy"

How do you pronounce it in English letters?

Does it replace the word Italy? or it is something like Azzuri (the blues)

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    "Włochy" is pronounced "vuohy" and the "y" at the end of the word sounds like the "i" in the word "sit."

    "Włochy" means "Italy," so yes, it does replace the word for Italy in English.

    The word "Włochy" (Italy) or "Włosi" (Italians) actually derives from the word "wołoch," which is an old Slavic word that means the same as "stranger" or "alien." I believe the word actually dates back to the late 1300s, when the Roman Empire occupied a region of modern Romania that was then called Wołoszczyzna, which was home to Wołosi (different ethnic groups/tribes living in the Balkans). The Romans in Wołoszczyzna were able to withstand a flood of Slavic tribes that settled around the Balkan peninsula during this time, and the Slavs probably began to refer to them as "wołochy," calling them after the name of the territory.

    So basically, the old word that "Włochy" is derived from means "stranger." This should actually make a lot of sense when you think about it because the Italians weren't the only nation Poland came to refer to as "strangers." The word for "Germany" and "Germans" is "Niemcy," which comes from the words "nie + my," meaning "not us."

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Polish is my first language.
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    Polish culture is based on Western European cultures as much as it is on Eastern European ones. Poland is a country often caught between rivals like Germany and Russia. Poland also always looked to the West for inspiration in things like art, architecture, science, music, etc. Poland regarded countries like Italy, France and even their arch-enemy Germany as models for great achievements in Europe, from the Renaissance through the ages. Therefore, "Wlochy" may indeed be a tribute to Italy in a section of Warsaw, much like the architecture in St. Petersburg in Russia was designed after Venice. The great and beautiful Polish city of Krakow has "Italianate" architecture, too.

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    What do you mean by "replacing"? "Włochy" just means "Italy" in Polish, there's no other word to name that country. That word comes probably from praslavic language (as Polish is a Slavic language) which was used to name all Roman tribes (yes, long ago, there were tribes in Europe ;P) and at first person from such tribe was called "Wołch". Later, letters o and ł were replaced, and here we are: "Włoch" nowadays mean Italian (male). In the past plural form of the word was "Włochy" - and that's the name of the country; nowadays we call Italians in plural "Włosi" (something like Vwoshi but sh is softer that English one).

    Source(s): I hope I've helped.
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    I don't know why it is Włochy but that is the way we say Italy.

    Some people will also say Italia, but the official Polish word for Italy is WŁOCHY.

    Italian (nationality) = Włoch/Włoszka

    Italian (adjective) = włoski, włoskie

    You pronounce it

    v-u-o-hi or so ;)

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    5 years ago

    Sounds weird

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