Ocean Park & Disney Land

How can I find the info about their development history, the marketing

strategy, etc....except the info from WIKI...thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    Their development history can be found from their own website. However I don't think you can find their marketing strategy, which are confidential unless you can get a copy of their Finacial / Annual Report.

    2008-05-19 15:35:37 補充:

    You can get more information (In Chinese) for Ocean Park in the past 30 years from the "Metropop" magazine (Page 86 & 87) from the website below.

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    I gather that you’re comparing the 2 theme parks in terms of their marketing strategies. I suggest that firstly you should define the target customers of the 2 parks. Then see what their customers’ needs and preferences are in order to further identify the appropriate marketing strategies. In fact, marketing strategy is a broad term covering various tactics in a lower level. Even if you know the Director of Marketing of the 2 parks; I don’t think they can easily tell you what marketing strategies they are adopting.

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    Sorry, I know that info..I wanna know some more details.

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