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例如談談體育阿 飲食阿 生活時事等等都可以




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    Mary: Hey Jack, are you ready for your trip?

    Jack: Oh well, not really. I still have to buy some cloth.

    Mary: What is the weather like where you are going?

    Jack: It is really hot in the summer. So I am going to buy some shorts, sandles and a few T-shirts.

    Mary: What about the rest of the year?

    Jack: People say the fall can still be warm until November, so I am going to buy some jeans and a few casual shirts.

    Mary: Are you going to take anything else?

    Jack: I am going to take a good pair of shoes, because I am planning on walking to and from school every day.

    Mary: Do you need any clothing for formal occasions?

    Jack: Well, you never know when you might need something for wedding or someon"s graduation or a nice date. So I will probably take a dress shirt and a couple of crazy ties.

    Mary: That makes sense.

    Jack: I cannot put too much into my suitcase.

    Mary: Well, I think that is enough and you can always buy things over there when you need it.

    Jack: That is right.

    Mary: Well, have a nice trip then.

    Jack: Thank you. I will.

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    Mary: Oh, by the way, say hi to your sisiter. I saw her last week at the station, but I didn't get a chance to speak to her as I was in a hury.

    John: Sure, no problem.

    Mary: Bye now.

    John: Bye.

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    Amy:Hello! Alan. How are you?

    Alan:I am fine, Amy. Where are you going?

    Amy:I will go to the coffee shop(or 7-11) to buy a cup of coffee.

    How about you?

    Alan:Oh~I am going to play baseball with my friends.

    Do you want to go wiht me?

    Amy:Sorry. After buying the coffee, I will go to see the movie with my classmates.

    How about next time?

    Alan:OK. I have to go now.


    Alan:See you next time.


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    Amy: [ Hi~Barry, Its long time no see , Hows goning? ]

    Barry: [ yap, I am studing Chinese now, about 3 months ]

    Amy: [ Really!! I cant believe it!! I also do the samething as U~]

    Barry: [ No way! what a coincident ]

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    Amy: [ Maybe we should talk in Chinese, for practice ]

    Barry: [ OKay~ 那窩悶開失碩重文拔? ]

    Amy: [....

    以下就交給發文者掰了, 應該很好掰吧 = v =+

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