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in regards to是什麼意思?

as said as title.....

what does the phrase of " in regards to" mean?

thanks a lot~~~~

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  • chao
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    1 decade ago
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    In regards to = 關於

    例子﹕ In regards to waste and recycling: please contact Manager of

    Services on (02) 80915919


    (02) 80915919

  • 白兒
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    1 decade ago

    In regard to 關於

    In regard to his suggestions we shall discuss them fully.


    2008-05-15 22:16:07 補充:

    in regard to =with regard to

    2008-05-15 22:17:18 補充:

    in this regard 就這一點而言

    In this regard, the child may be thought of as having two homes.


    Source(s): Dr.eye
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