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在新生代的靈魂樂手中,很難得一見的年輕歌者,就是喬絲史東.16歲就發行第一張專輯的她,把靈魂樂唱得是那麼的自然.如果你閉上眼睛聆聽喬絲史東的歌聲,很難想像她是一個來自英國的白人小女孩.因為她低沉富有磁性的嗓音,比黑人還要來得「黑」,充滿靈性與吸引力. 喬絲史東同時也懂得放進流行樂、節奏藍調、爵士、雷鬼搖擺樂等類型音樂元素來豐富靈魂樂的情感.魂然天成的不凡聲音,讓人陶醉其中無法自拔!連湯姆克魯斯都讚嘆不已!

來自英國的年輕女孩喬絲史東,喜歡脫光腳唱歌.以鄰家女孩氣質取勝.是喜歡做自己的超酷女生. 她獨特的嗓音,在新一代的靈魂樂手中,是很難得一見的年輕歌手.更拿下全英國音樂最佳女歌手和最佳城市音樂獎項,並榮獲四項葛萊美獎提名.她除了有驚艷亮眼的歌唱技巧外,更在第二張專輯裏首度展現詞曲創作的才華,參與專輯中11首歌曲的創作.獲得樂評高度讚揚,喬絲史東一躍成為新世代流行指標.



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    In the cainozoic era soul happy hand, is very rare the young singer

    which as soon as sees, is she which east the tall silk history 16 the

    year old distributes the first special edition, happy sings the soul

    is such nature If you close the eye to listen respectfully east the

    tall silk history singing sound, very is difficult to imagine her is

    comes from England's Caucasian little girl Because she low and deep

    rich magnetic voice, also must come the black "to be blacker than",

    fills the intelligence and the attraction East the tall silk history

    at the same time also understood admits popularly is happy, the rhythm

    blue accent, knight, the thunder ghost swings the happy of the same

    kind music element to enrich the soul happy emotion The soul however

    day becomes the uncommon sound, lets the person be infatuated with is

    unable to extricate oneself! All praises without cease including Tom


    Comes from east England's young girl tall silk history, likes removing

    completely the foot to sing Wins by the neighbor girl makings Is

    likes being own ultra cruel female student Her unique voice, in the

    new generation of soul happy hand, is very rare the young singer which

    as soon as sees Takes the entire English music best female singer and

    the best city music award item, and has the honor to receive four item

    of Ge Lai America prize nomination She besides has the startled

    colorful bright eye to sing the skill, unfolds the song and poem

    creation in second special edition □first the talent, in the

    participation special edition 11 songs creations Obtains Le Ping

    highly to praise, east the tall silk history as soon as leaps into the

    new generation popular target.The third special edition has recorded east the tall silk history

    these for years, with realizes from experience to the music deep love

    In under the super manufacture person's navigation,asks the

    multitudinous apex music person to unite efforts completes Marches

    into the song world short several years,

    2008-05-15 18:22:13 補充:

    east the tall silk history

    already has sung in a chorus with each generation giant stars with

    Initially east the tall silk history by over-age sang the standard to

    rise, now the only 19 year-old her affiliation third newest special


    2008-05-15 18:22:19 補充:

    is making glistens the magnificent music world Meanwhile

    wrote down the legend by now for the generation Finally I want the

    song which everybody recommends individual extremely to like Is the

    fragrant 奈 son "modern COCO" perfume television advertisement

    主題曲 The song name calls L O.V.E.

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