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    The Red Pony by John Steinbeck (Author)


    Thisstory describes Carl Tiflin's family and ranch, which will be the settingof all four stories. Jody is Carl's son. Another central character is BillyBuck, the ranch's single employed hand. While Carl is a stern, unemotionalman, Billy is warmer, and spends a lot of time teaching Jodyhow to take care of horses. The ranch includes several horses, alongwith cows and pigs.

    Inthis first story, Carl gives Jody a red pony, which Jody names Gabilan.

    心得:I read some of these reviews and could not believehow unrealistic some of these people are. Why should every novel be a princesspretty tale? If that is what you need, keep pretending and don't ever read someof the most poignantly beautiful reflections of what it is like to be a 10 yearold boy growing up on a farm!

    This is a sensitive, time realistic story of whatit would be like to live on a farm back in the days when you had to knowpractical therapy for your stock animals. These people respected their animalsand knew that it was important to know emergency procedures, and knew how to dothem to try and save their stock. Sometimes it worked, sometimes, it did not.It is this down side that focuses on Jody, the 10 year old son, that gets toown a pony who becomes ill with "strangles" a disease that shuts offhis airway. The stockhand pulls no stops to save his life, and Jody chooses tostay by his beloved pony's side. The event is pivotal. As all events thatrevolve around life and death, this is the basis of which the story continuesto move.

    I do not find the story to be distasteful at all. Ifind it to be full of life and love. For those that can not get through thesaddness of the pony dying, I feel sad that you missed some very relevant,affirming representations of the real meaning of life and love.


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