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Do animals, birds suffer from diabetics and blood pressure? is there such medication for animals?

For example, dogs, cattle etc suffer from TB. Do they suffer from diabetics, blood pressure, and heart attack

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    In addition to injectable insulin, special diets may also help control diabetes. Some veterinarians postulate that low carbohydrate diets may help control diabetes in pets as in humansOnce diagnosed, a diabetic animal is usually put on a regimen of daily insulin injections and regular check-ups to see if the insulin dose needs adjustment.Many cats will eventually require one or two daily injections of insulin to control blood glucose. These injections are given under the skin using a small needle. Most cats become readily accustomed to the treatments. Your veterinarian's office will train you in the proper use of insulin and injection techniques.

    Feeding a special diet (such as Purina's DM or Hill's m/d diet) can significantly help some cats, even to the point that the cat may no longer need insulin injections. Observe your cat's thirst and frequency of urination. If these remain increased, your veterinarian may need to adjust the insulin dosage.A low carbohydrate and high protein diet and regular exercise can aid in control of DM.

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    I think animals and birds are not suffering from diabetics and blood pressure because they are not eating food like human nature. The reasons for diabetics and BP is salt, sugar and oil content food.

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    Yes,animals ill also suffer from blood pressure it is same parts like the human beings so it ill have the blood pressure and so the scientist ill test the new medicans in the animals only because it ill react same as the human beings

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    I dont know about blood pressure but i know for a fact that animals can suffer from Dibetes. A few months before my cat died I would take her to the Vet for dialysis and everday, i would would see this cat who had was being given insulin for her diabetes.

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    Yes, it's not uncommon for animals to get the same disease as humans. Birds can also suffer from diabetes and other human diseases. The treatment is very much the same as ours, too.

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    Yes, it does. Just the simple movement of patting a cat or dog and seeing their enjoyment is enough to lower your blood pressure. Animals can be very calming. Some people take their pets to nursing homes etc. and the joy the animal gives the residents is priceless.

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    cats and dogs may suffer because they live with us. But the cattle and other animal dont suffer because they dont drink mineral water like us.

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    yes they do, dogs and cats are known to develop diabetes from being over weight, they have insulin for animals, that the owner injects on a regular schedule, horses have been known to develop asthma and some digestive diseases that humans get.So yes there are quite a few things we have in common with animals or them with us.

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    good lord!have u heard of any frog or cat or a snake or even a dog who worries about his son,daughter,relatives.....etc? pressure is only for humans.heart attack is by over all the diseases u have mentioned are only for humans

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