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The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon? Is there one actor that cannot be linked to him?

Title explains itself.

I have tried so many names that are not obvious ones and yet I can't find one that isn't linked to a Kevin Bacon movie. Do you know one?

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    The Oracle of Kevin Bacon says this:

    "About 12% of all actors cannot be linked to the rest of the movie universe, either because they have appeared only in video games or straight-to-video releases that the Oracle doesn't count, or because they have not appeared in any films with actors from the Hollywood mainstream."

    The website also says that all actor and movie data used on their website comes from IMDB. The site doesn't list any names though.

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    As of December 2007, the highest finite Bacon number reported by the Oracle of Bacon is 8. [3]. The American Civil War general William Rufus Shafter is frequently cited as having a Bacon number of 10, but his number is in fact only 7. [4].

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    I don't think it's possible for a named actor / actress not to be part of "The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon."

    Source(s): my baked noodle
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    Frank Sinatra no never mind he was in cast a giant with Kirk Douglas who was in war wagon with John Wayne who was in El Dorado with James Caan and that's easy to connect I can't think of one

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    Child actors in 100 years BOOM

  • 1 decade ago

    Perhaps dead ones, but I haven't investigated that hard

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    hulk hogan?

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