What is appropriate gift amount for grandparent for Christening?

What is appropriate monetary gift amount that grandparents should give to baby at Christening?

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    I think grandparents should consider their own situation and give as much as they comfortably can--there is no mandated 'right' amount. It is wrong to give so much that you are creating a hardship for yourself; it is nice to start a 'nest egg' for a grandchild, but nobody would want you to deny yourself to do so. I like the first answer's suggestion of a savings bond. Remember as well that you may have many grandchildren, so don't set a precedent that you won't be able to sustain for subsequent children. My grandparents always did things for their two eldest grandchildren (in different families) and not for the rest. As the third child in may family, I always felt I was worth less and loved less because of this.

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    Christening Gifts From Grandparents

  • 1 decade ago

    Grandparents are special and being special they would more than likely not expect anything and would rather have your gift go to babies needs. If you feel you must do something give them an appropriate card.

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    well of course you aren't obligated to give a certain amount..but i would give at least $50..maybe in a savings bond instead of cash. just give what you can afford.

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    1 decade ago

    It should depend on their financial ability. If they are retirees, give not more than $50.

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