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Recovery after being spayed?

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How long does a cat recover from being spayed? My cat is a year and 9 months. She's a pretty strong cat. How long will she recover? and how does the process go? meaning as in what ...show more
Update : oh and where would be best to put her? on a over stuffed pillow or soft ...show more
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Actually, she will get through the spay better than you! We have spayed/neutered 1000s of dogs/cats at the rescue. thank you so much for spaying her!!!!

You will need to ask most questions at the vet as to how they sedate, etc. Normally, they are given a sedative to calm. Then a good vet uses "gas" and IV set up. They can use stitches that are removed about 10 days later or most are using surgical glue and desolving stitches. Most vets keep over night to make sure everything ok and go home next day. She should not appear sedated or "drunk" when you pick her up!! That is not a good sign--over medicated!

Most animals will be up and acting as if nothing happened. That is normal. She will be able to get up/eat/etc. You will be a nervous wreck, not her. They should give you a "care sheet" of info and # to call if something wrong. They should call you after she wakes up from surgery to let you know. Feel free to discuss all this in advance with them. I assume you are using a vet you have been using and trust. They might want to do bloodwork in advance to make sure nothing showing up that might cause a problem. Cost a little but worth it. A animal can appear healthy and have a hidden problem which could make any surgery more risky.

Again, thank you for being a good cat mom!


St. Francis Animal Rescue

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! =D
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  • Mel answered 7 years ago
    I actually got to watch a cat spayed the process takes 10 minutes and another 10 minutes to wake the cat after the surgrey. Yes they sedate the kitty. She will be fine to eat herself.

    The Process the vet puts a needle in the cats leg which helps sedate the cat then he/she slides a small tube down the cats mouth then they carry the cat to the operation table, than they actually tie the cats leg to the sides of the table gentlely I know it sounds mean then they place a surgical blue thing over the animal and cut into the animal. Its easy and takes no longer than 10 minutes. She will be groggy. Just let her relax and dont touch the area or pick her up all the time until the stiches come out. Its not that bad of a procedure personally from viewing teeth cleaning is worse.
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  • Sierracat answered 7 years ago
    Congratulations on getting your kitty spayed. You made a good choice.

    A spay is a safe and routine procedure. First, the cat is given a preoperative exam to ensure that she is healthy. She should not be fed for twelve hours prior to surgery. This prevents aspiration pneumonia from food in the stomach that may be vomited and pass into the breathing tubes and lungs.

    General anesthesia is used, but the cat can be brought out of anesthesia in a few minutes if there are any unforeseen complications. Many veterinarians have the same heart monitors used in hospital emergency rooms, along with emergency fluids and drugs. Postoperative complications are rare because sterilized instruments, drapes, caps, masks, and gowns are used. The size of the incision varies and has nothing to do with the skill of the veterinarian; some uteruses are simply larger than others.

    A spayed cat can be on her feet minutes after surgery, and home the same day or the next day, depending on her age, size, and health. Recovery takes from five to fourteen days. to She may need to return to have sutures removed after a few days. During this time, exercise should be restricted and the incision must be kept clean. Any swelling, discharge, or infection should be reported immediately to the veterinarian.

    You will need to prevent your kitty from trying to pull out the stiches or other material used to close the incision. If you cannot monitor the kitty closely (meaning every minute) ask the vet if they have a plastic collar to put on your kitty which prevents her from reaching her tummy until the stiches (or other material) is ready to be removed.

    You feed the same food as always, she should be able to feed herself and be sure she is drinking plenty of water.

    Good luck
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  • freakntn answered 7 years ago
    These are good questions for your vet, but I'll tell you about my experience w/ my 2 female cats. Generally, you'll have 2 choices for the type of spay you can have: 1) laser surgery or 2) standard cut & stitch. I highly reccomend paying the extra money and having the laser surgery if you can afford it. With my vet, my cat was kept overnight and given pain medication. With my vet, the pain medication was optional, but I reccomend paying for it. Let's face it, would you want to have major surgery and not be given pain medication? She was sent home the next day with no major complications. I have 3 cats, so the vet reccomended that I keep her seperated from the other 2 cats for at least 5 days and to watch her closely for another week. My cats recovered in about 2 weeks with the laser surgery. She went back for a checkup at about 7 days to make sure the incision wasn't infected and that she didn't have any further complications. You do need to watch your cat closely and make sure she doesn't climb a lot because it could cause her to rip stitches and that can slow down the healing process. Each animal is different, so I strongly reccomend you discuss all options with your vet. :)


    owner of 3 cats, 2 female 1 male
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  • SilverMoon answered 7 years ago
    Recovery from being spayed is usually around 10 days. My kitten was back to her usual self in three days but it took 10 days for the incision to heal enough for the stitches to come out.

    She will be put under a general anesthesia for the procedure and will likely be groggy when you pick her up (she might be on pain killers, it depends on the vet) and the whole surgery I'd say takes two hours or so (could be less, I'm not really sure on that to be honest)

    She probably won't be very hungry for the first day, just provide her with water and do whatever your vet tells you when it comes to food. Don't pick her up and only touch her if she asks you to. (she will be very tender and will probably just sleep)

    Other then that, thank you for spaying her and just be there for her. I'm sure she will come through it just fine

    EDIT: Just let her decide where she wants to sleep, leave it up to her.

    Good luck
    and Blessings


    Owned by three cats and one dog!
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  • ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ answered 7 years ago
    The night before surgery she won't get any food or drink. She will go in the morning and depending on your vet , be picked up that afternoon or the next morning. She will be put under general anesthesia and her uterus will be removed through an incision in her tummy. She will be groggy when you pick up her at the vet and will need a comfy place to rest for a few days (7-10). She will be able to go to the litter box, eat, and drink by herself. You will need to watch her to make sure she doesn't chew at her stitches or get rowdy and rip them. She may need to wear a cone collar if she chews at them. Watch for any redness or seeping at the wound site and call the vet if you see any. Her stitches will need to be removed in 10 days after the surgery. Write down any questions you have for the vet as you think of them. You will be busy soothing your girl and might forget something. Remember you can call the vet at any time before,during, and after the day of surgery if you have concerns. You are doing a great thing for your cat and for the whole pet population. Thanks!

    My girls always wanted to sleep on a blanket folded up in the closet foor where it was quiet.


    Have had 4 females spayed and 6 males neutered. Never had any problems with any of them.
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  • Recovery after being spayed?
    How long does a cat recover from being spayed? My cat is a year and 9 months. She's a pretty strong cat. How long will she recover? and how does the process go? meaning as in what do i have to do while she is recovering? will they sedate her or what? this is my first time and i want to know everything about spaying a kitty. the pro's and the cons. the ups and downs. and feeding. do i feed her her regular food or will she be able to eat her self? please help me out.

    thank you in advance
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