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Why is the FDA protecting the Chinese drug manufacturers and not the American public?

81 people died from bad Heprin supplies from Chinese suppliers and there are still quantities of the bad drug in CA. hospitals! What does it take before the FDA is brought before the Senate and House oversight committees? Do thousands have to die before they will even begin to protect the public?

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    The FDA is not your friend. It is headed by an ex-Monsanto executive and over 50% of the employees are ex-Monsanto employees. Most of the testing is done by manufacturers that submit the paperwork to the FDA for approvals. The FDA has classified genetically engineered foods as SAFE. This means the manufacturers do NOT have to label them genetically engineered, so now there is NO traceability. If you get sick eating that garbage, you have no way to trace the problem back to the manufacturer. Clever, eh? Well since Monsanto is a primary producer of this type of food, doesn't if figure. Big money drives the FDA because someone has to pay their salaries.

    Have you ever looked at all the recalls of drugs and products that have been found to be unsafe? The public is generally the guinea pigs for products. Do you actually believe the FDA is a good organization doing a good job? I believe the answer to your question is that 1,000's have already died and we are still living with an FDA that is handling business as usual.

    good luck to us all

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    Over path. that is all touching directly to the money they are in a position to generate for the U. S. government. that's why they are illegalizing all the agencies that produce organic drugs, simply by fact they are starting to be further and further time-honored, and persons are turning to organic drugs and going faraway from prescription drugs. they are putting each and every variety of regulations and label mandates on those agencies and that they are putting all of them out of employer.

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    Only match 4 u coined it for you brilliantly there mate ........ i couldn't have said it better myself ♥

    People simply need to start taking responsibility for their own health ♥


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    money and greed. with bush and his ilk its all good

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