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How do You Know when to Have a Cervical Smear With Progesterone Contraceptives?

I've got the implant,

I was wandering how do you have smear tests done if your periods are messed up with it? Usually you have it done 10-14 days after your period starts.

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    You should still have them done every three years, you dont say how long you have had your implant, it may just be the case that it will settle down after a few months and get back in to a routine. If you are due an appointment wait til you have your period then book your appointment for 10 days after, if your period starts again phone your gps and speak to the nurse for advice.

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    Honestly it doesn't *much* matter what part of your cycle you have the smears done, as long as it's not while you're bleeding. And frankly if your doc is like mine it usually takes a few weeks to get an appointment for non-emergent conditions, and if you don't have regular cycles it's hard to guess.

    So book the appointment for a time when you think you won't be getting your period. If your periods are irregular due to the implant and arrive when you're supposed to see the doc, you can always call and reschedule... you will NOT be the first woman to do this. If you're not bleeding, then go for it, even if you're not in the ideal 10-20 day window... they'll ask you at the exam when your last period was, so keep track.

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