What computer should I buy to use for recording music with a MIDI keyboard mic and Cubase?

I want to buy a computer fo amateur music recoding and composition. What specifics should I look for?

My budget is 200-550£ (400-1100$)

The software I use is Cubase SX 4.1.1.

Thanks in advance

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    I would go for hand-built.

    (All prices listed as USD)

    Cooler master Centurion 534 Case($70), gigabyte p35-ds3l/s3l motherboard ($110) Intel core2 quad 2.4 q6600 SLACR edition processor ($225) Nvidia graphics card in the 8xxx + range (The 9600 is a great deal at about $140) 2 gigs of ddr2/1066 ram ($70+/-) 1 320 GB hd (System)($110+/-) 1 500 GB hd (Data)(140+/-) Windows XP (free if off your old computer, or $50-100 on eBay) Sata CD/DVD burner ($30 or less)

    Spend the rest on an LCD monitor (unless you got one to transfer) some decent near field monitors (Good speakers, if you will) and a good "pro-sumer" level soundcard.

    (The line 6 UX2 is my next purchase in that area at $140 from musicians friend, will let you do midi if im not mistaken and record stero vocals/insturments, plus it comes with a nice line 6 plugin pack!)

    You can probably do better on the figures if you shop smart on eBay, newegg, tiger direct and geeks.com.

    I managed to pull most of the above for much less than the approx $950 quote i stated you. (the only thing i don't have from the above is the 9600 and the 320 sata. I got the 8600 from eBay for 80 bucks, and got a 320GB ide for $30. It does fine for me!)

    This system should be able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it and come back for more. Its all pretty handy for running a "hackintosh" system with just a few tweaks!!!

    Source(s): The above list (with a few corrections) is my personal computer build. I've been working with computers since the spiffy tandy 2000 386SX-33 with a gob smacking 4 megs of ram and 100 mb hd was the talk of silicon valley. I also run a music studio and have released my first album as of 12-27-07! check us out at myspace.com/freaksagainstmainstream
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    In the "just over a thousand dollars" range, you could get yourself a wicked Windows laptop, or a nice Mac laptop. Macs are nicer, but yeah, for under $1500, you're not going to get a wicked Mac, unfortunately. I prefer windows computers though - over the last decade, the Mac/Windows musical playing field has leveled out to the point where PC versions are usually better-maintained than mac versions. And unless you depend on software piracy to find programs, you'll have no trouble finding mac apps. Macs have nicer built-in soundcards, too, but since you'll be likely getting an outboard sound device, that shouldn't be a deciding factor. I've done production on Windows computers and Macs for years and the only noticeable differences I've noticed are that Macs have nicer soundcards but crash more. But now that OS X is getting more stable and Windows is going from bad (XP) to worse (Vista), the stability situation is levelling out a bit. If you get a Windows laptop, make sure to get it with XP and NOT Vista. That's just general advice - Vista's not good for any kind of production environment, it's still too unstable as of this writing.

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    I would suggest a multimedia pc, that has audio interface inputs and outputs. or you have to upgrade the one you have with audio accessories , like a professional sound card and such. i think it will cost you less then if you buy a complete new system.

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