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How to get rid of belly fat?

I want to get rid of my belly fat in 2 weeks.

Well, I know that's impossible, but how can I get a flat stomach in the smallest time possible? And how long will it take?

I seem to have a more flabby, fat, and pot belly stomach than all other girls my size. it's discusting, and i want to get rid of it.

please don't tell me

"excersize and eat right"

be more SPECIFIC please.

it would help so much!

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    unfortunately thats your best bet.

    a healthy body can be usually attained by eating healthy and exercising.


    But to be more specific you need to "burn" body fat so cardio exercises would be my suggestion. These can consist of running, swimming or biking etc. On top of that you can turn fat into lean muscle by strength training. Although that sounds like you would make yourself a, " meat head" that is nothing but muscle, thats usually not the case, so working on your muscle to body fat percentage ratio would be a crucial part of losing excess body fat.


    you need to counter act that process of fat by partially limiting its growth ( in other words eat better). An interesting fact, if you cut out soda and fast food altogether you can lose up to twenty pounds! so take a healthy choice towards what you eat. An easy way of finding hiding lurkers of fat making in your food would checking the food facts on the back of your foods. Simple things to know would be to cut trans-fat, MSG, saturated fats and partially hydrogenated ANYTHING! these are all horrible for your overall health and heart. You also need to cut down on the sugars anything that says "crose" in it would be good ( besides frucrose). so sucrose would be one example of many I have currently forgot. Keeping your food balanced is essential as well. make sure you look at serving sizes and keep in the appropriate limits for your day ( calories should be 2000-2500 in a day).

    A quick plan for you would be

    -run or jog at least 2 miles everyother day

    -strength train on the days you dont run/bike/swim

    -eat at most 2500 calories a day ( its not unreasonable, its your nutrition for a day.)

    -cut out most sugars and fatty acids as well as salts

    and remember although this seems really hard its not when you do it regulary. Also remember that although you should cut fatty foods and sugars its ok to have something sweet or good every-so-often, as long as you know its in proportion to what you should be eating.

    sorry this took so long to get to you I had to type it myself and im not that fast a typist.

    If you need anymore help try some online health sites they can guide you as well.

    good luck!

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  • Not to sound sarcastic, but..your very OWN words have made the most sense, exercise and eat right. Granted, the phrase, eat right is a vey frustating concept to understand, especially with so many pseudo health gurus out there..but...

    eating right...yes, of course you can lose body fat....cut sodas, salts, sugars, artifical carbohydrates, etc, etc, can find AND must find a reasonable approach to fighting body fat. However, for what it is worth, many women have a difficult time keeping off body fat. It is almost a p owerful physiological respone in females, to keep enough body fat for futuristic protection. No one can be more specific, as you wish, because each body IS different. YOu must boldy go where no woman/man has gone before and do some basic research as to what foods, life behaviors, emotional causes, contribute to you gaining weight, etc.

    Or, are you sure you are even FAT? or...are you following some ridiuclous b.s. magazine or pop culture news broadcast...conditioning your brain, telling you that you are fat..when possibly, you are a normal weight. Specifics? is one specific: NEVER GET SUCKERED INTO trying the stupid quick fix diets....they are never part of your regular life system, your life behavior, your way of living..

    you must find some sort of DIET, EXcerise...mental health, philosophy to live by, over time, to continually MAKE a slim, healthy body a normal everyday part of your KARMA, total being. Without this, sorry's fat farm city for you.

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    How to get rid of belly fat?

    I want to get rid of my belly fat in 2 weeks.

    Well, I know that's impossible, but how can I get a flat stomach in the smallest time possible? And how long will it take?

    I seem to have a more flabby, fat, and pot belly stomach than all other girls my size. it's discusting, and i want to...

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    Exercize Again?? yes but this Just might work... After I had one of my childern I was overweight and my stomach was----well you know BAD. The exercise I did was to lie on my--Arch the back as high as you can --following up with some sit-ups. I lost the belly--Dispensed with the extra weight and should gain a bit back--But no matter what or how much I eat I do not gain.. Thank God. Hope this will also work for you.

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    dont worry about having a little belly... the other girls your age might store fat in there legs or arms or butts...its just your body!

    how to get rid of it.... well to start with you need to make you are eating well and are physically active...

    now onto the more interesting bit...

    do some say do about 100...but realistically you should do about 10more after it begins to feel painful.

    they dont have to be full situps... just raising your head and shoulders off the floor from lying down.

    another one wich strengthens your abdominal muscles is...

    lie down on your back, and lift your legs (straight) off the floor by about 6inches, and hold them there for as long as possible...about 1-2minutes

    have to warn you...when exercising ur stomach muscles it hurts when u laugh to hard the next day

    good luck :D

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  • Alisa
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    4 years ago

    There are three main ways to lose weight quickly.

    1) Use only water as liquid and eliminate all other liquid drinks from your diet. You must drink as much water as possible every day. You must drink about half of your weight. If you have weight of 200 pounds then you must drink about 100 oz of water.

    2) The interval between the eating is very important. If you eat once, then you must eat next after 4 hours. You must take breakfast regularly. In the night eat your food three hours before going to bed.

    3) Walking is very good. You must walk as much as you can. Walk everywhere you can. Use of elevators and escalators must be reduced and instead of these you must climb stairs more often.

    These are some of the fastest ways to lose weight. By just following the simple steps, you can lose your weight very quickly. You must consult your doctor if want to change your diet or exercise routine.

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