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Non-Catholic Christians: Do you personally have anything against Catholics?

I am a strong Catholic and have not experienced any offense myself, but some fellow Catholics I know have. Do you personally have something against Catholics? If you do, what is it? I was just wondering because I don't see what's wrong with our division of Christianity seeing as we worship the lord as much as any other group. Well, thanks anyways for the insight.

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    Chris does not understand that Catholics ALSO believe that only Jesus saves!!!!

    He also does not accept that Catholic are not "Saved" by works either!

    We have told him and told him, but he instead insists on lying about our beliefs.

    It is not for me to judge him, but he seems to be missing one of the 10 commandments: "Thou Shall not bear false witness"

    It is not so bad for those that don't know better, but Chris has been told. Shame!

    Peace be with you!

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    Personally I love many Catholics. My father is a Deacon in the Catholic Church. I am friends with the local priest, Father Ed, he is know as around here. We have a large family 12 children from the same mother and father. Most of them are Catholic. At the Catholic, DeLa sal School the Catholic teachers are so nice and sacrificing. I believe the Catholics do love the Lord.


    They say the Rosary to Mary all the time they believe that the bread and wine actually turn into the body and blood of Christ and they use beads, statues, and other objects to worship with. All this is against God's word found in scripture. Then when I sit and visit with my father or the priest or other Catholics I see the fruit of their lips and I see gossip, cursing, foul language, sexual oriented and demeaning language, hate for others and so much more. This is not the fruits I exhibit in my life. The Spirit of God teaches us that these things are wrong. The objects and Rosary and statues and the wicked fruit it is all wrong and the Lord himself tells us that a Good tree brings forth Good fruit and can not bring forth evil fruit.

    I pray that Catholics will see the error and accept God's truth and not the pressure of being politically correct Catholic.

    God bless and hope you can see.

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    I can't believe I have not written a blog on this topic. OK here is the history. In the first century there were several OT Canons in use there was no universal Jewish Canon. The Ethiopian Jews had their Canon, the Sadducee's had theirs, the Pharisees had theirs and the Essenes and diaspora Jews had theirs. Among the Essenes, diaspora Jews and the first century Christians the Septuagint was the Canon of OT Scriptures. Jesus and the apostles quoted from the Septuagint. The Septuagint was and is the true OT Scriptures used by the first century Church and beyond. There was no controversy over this until the Reformation. During and after the Reformation the Protestants adopted the Canon of the OT that was approved at the Council of Pharisees in Jamnia in about 90 AD which was formed to stop the spread of Christianity among Jews. The Deuterocanonicals were not approved because they contained prophetic writing about Christ which the Pharisees wanted to suppress. The Reformers in order to separate themselves as far as possible from Christ's Church adopted a different Canon from the Canon always in use by Christ's Church. Among the Church there was never any confusion over the fact that the Septuagint was the Canon of the OT among Christianity. So, in conclusion, the Jewish Canon you speak of was decided after the formation of the Christian Church in response to the teaching of Christ's Church using the Septuagint. No books were added by Christians or taken away as the Septuagint was the Christian Canon from the beginning. It was the Jews that chose to remove the Deuterocanonicals in 90 AD. In Christ Fr. Joseph

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    I can relate with your feelings - being a Non-Catholic Christian that many christians also refuse to accept as christian myself.

    Nope - I think Catholics are lovely, faithful, christian folks - I was even raised a catholic and happen to have a couple of catholic priests as 2nd cousins....

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    By Chris & others above you get perfectly reasonable answers in response to this rampant anti-Catholicism and STILL keep churning out the same tired old vitriolic responses, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Sometimes the blasphemy is overwhelming. I can not imagine someone who claims to be Christian. The arrogance of such statements can only come from one source which is evil and deception in the world.

    Its pathetic how you can take the Bible [ The canon of the Bible was actually confirmed and established **by the Catholic Church** long ago. It's actually a "Catholic document". ] THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH GAVE YOU, rip seven books out of it, and think they can turn that very Bible against Mother Church. It shows that there is very much hatred against the Church which was created by Christ and the disciples in favor of man-made beliefs and practices. It shows a lack of fear for God and His commandments that one would bear false witness against His Church. May we all pray for God's mercy for YOU so lost in hatred, so that they may find love and charity.

    For those who spread lies about the Catholic Church: their ignorance is their lack of knowledge, their stupidity is their wisdom, and their truth is falsehood.

    Most non-Catholics don't know their history. Many of them convert after learning of it.

    Catholicism - The original Christianity...established in 33 A.D

    Catholic and proud to be a member of Christ's true Church on earth.

  • None here. My dad and the bulk of my friends are Catholic.


    Edit: I love being thumbsed down for not hating Catholics. Tolerant folks we've got here...

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    I do not have anything personal against Catholics. I have issues with Catholic doctrine, because it deviates from the Bible. For example, the rule forbidding priests to marry is forbidden in the Bible. In the Bible it says not to forbid anyone to marry. Also, praying to Mary is forbidden in the Bible. Exodus 20, "You shall have no other gods before me."

    Many people I know who grew up Catholic, when they became born again, they had to leave the Catholic system because of its unbiblical doctrines.

    By the way, none of these unbiblical doctrines are in the apocrypha, either. They were handed down through Catholic tradition, such as the supposed ascension of Mary, which became official Catholic doctrine in the 1950s.

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    I don't have anything against Catholics. I don't believe in some of the Catholic church doctrines. Like calling the pope Holy Father, confessing sins to a priest, praying to the virgin Mary,last rites,and baptism of babies.

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    Stick around here - you'll here it over and over and over how we worship mary, practice idolatry, drink blood, don't follow the Bible, etc etc etc.

    It won't matter what you tell them - they insist that they know better than we do what we believe and they persist in their hatred and bigotry. i guess it's more comfortable for them.

    We have LOTS of obnoxious ones here on good ol YA.

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    Catholic History: Anti-Semite

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