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Re-using water bottles?

People always says not to keep on re-using water bottles because they're bad for you. But what makes them bad for you and what will happen to you if you keep on re-using them?

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    Ironically for those "people," the opposite is true. The new plastic was outgassing yucky stuff, and the old plastic is less toxic once the outgassing subsides.

    On the other hand, ultraviolet light and exposure to volatile hydrocarbons will break down the hydrocarbons in the plastic, making yucky stuff.

    Either way, the exposure is much less than that you get from automobiles, power plants, and industries.

    So, the answer is to re-use bottles several times, but after a bottle starts to age, for example after a few months, we should send it off to a recycler. Don't be sad to say goodbye to this good friend; plastics weren't made to last forever.

    Thus, we can get 10-50 uses out of a bottle that most people would just use once, making our investment in the bottle much more worth it.

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    Storing foodstuffs and drink in plastics with recycle #'s 3, 6 & 7 are the most unsafe to use, the others aren't so bad but not 100% safe either. It's always better to use glass. Most bottled water comes in #1, and it's really only good for one time use. Even at room temperature, chemicals can leach off from the plastic into the food or drink, like Bisphenol-A (BPA) which can affect brain chemistry and structure, behavior, the immune system, and male and female reproductive systems, and has also been linked to cancer.

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    If you are talking about water you buy in bottles, don't reuse those bottles. There are chemicals from the plastic which will leach out.

    If you want to get a refillable water bottle, get one out of stainless steel.

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    I cant remeber the chemical name that gets into your system..but i was listeing to radio one day and basically they said it cause cancer in your body over along period of time but...its just not bottles any type of plastic is the same danger to us...but the chemical only becomes active when you heat or wash the plastic in hot water or use it in the microwave.that is the danger the heat makes it active ..if u wash it in luke warm water its ok apparantlley its can use the bottles and plastics...they said ..if u dont heat them.

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    Bacteria in your mouth stays on the bottle if you drink from it.

    It will multiply if you don't wash the top of the bottle in soap and water.

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    ew! i just looked it up on google and i'm really grossed out now lol. read from these links.

    if you want more links, go to google and type in "reusing water bottles is bad"

    hope this helped!

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    the plastic contains toxins... that is eventually exposed to the water.

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    I think they can get germy....but just wash em.

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