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Life on Mars...?

I wann aknow what would happen if we started living on mars... how we would survive...

how we might change

how we would survive without water...



i wanna know how we could be able to survive on mars.

and plzz don't say that we CANT live on mars.. b/c we were talking abou tit in biology class.. and my teacher said we can.. and for extra credit i have to support it ... lol...



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    we could taraform the planet over time wich would make it like earth but i dout it wouldn't happen any time soon but we could start doing it right now if we wanted to

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    i heard on GMA that we could live on the moon within 4 yrs. THE MOON! how cool! well, probably not normal pple, but scientists. heres the plan (im only 13 so give me a break): they are gonna some how make a random pattern of explosions all over the moon so that it creates mountains and lakes. transfer trees and plants to grow (take a while) and idk how, but they have a way to create an ozone layer over the moon which will allow us to breathe. It is the craziest thing i have ever heard in my life, but how cool! i hope they have an Abercrombie & Fitch on the moon. lol

    as for the whole Mars thing, i dont know

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    ok first there would only be a few and a lot of robots to build the domes to sustain life ,then after the domes are built we would more than likely dig underground to build there ,we will never mow a lawn there but sure could dig tunnles ,then im sure the green wakos would say something if we wanted mars to turn green ,as far as life now there ,most likly in micro form

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    Maybe one day we will explore mars but the real problem is oxygen it not on the same level as earth and i don't think we could survive......Maybe if we built the project of bio dome that was made a couple of year ago but we fail to achieve it.ho!but maybe in the near future maybe..............

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    Theres nothing in the planet Mars that can support life.

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    without water we would die.

    we would either have to find a way to make water on mars, or take it with us. you die of thirst much faster than you die of hunger.

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