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Buying a piano for a beginner?

I am learning to play the piano and I have a few questions about buying one. 1. Old or New? 2. What makes should I look for / avoid ? 3. How much should I spend? 4. Any other things I should look out for?


England, Southampton.

Update 2:

Good to hear about Rocking Rooster, I was going to buy my guitar from them, but was concerned because they were so much cheaper than everyone else. But now you have said how good they are I can just save myself a fortune!

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    1 decade ago
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    Get a Yamaha digital piano! They are really good quality for a relatively low budget. (You won't get a decent acoustic piano for less than twice as much) and you don't have to have it tuned. (Full size 88 key, weighted keyboard, Velocity sensitive and aftertouch, 64 note polyphony. midi port, and most important, a headphone socket for practicing) the newer models sound amazing!

    If you include your home country I can post some links for good models and prices.

    Source(s): Don't spend a fortune as you may decide you don't like playing piano after all! You can always upgrade as your skills improve! Go to Rocking rooster and take a look at the yamaha YDP 131 I have this piano and can heartily recommend it for the price. If this is not to your liking/budget they have several others Some of the Casio pianos are very good, but don't hold their value as well as the Yamaha's. In any case I would recommend Rocking rooster as a really cheap and helpful company. (I have no ties with them except as a previous customer by the way)
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What you want is a piano/keyboard with weighted/ touch-sensitive keys. This is one of the most important things to consider when investing and learning to play. Without weighted keys, you won't develop a good sense of touch or feel for dynamics.

    Electric keyboards are much cheaper, always stay in tune, take up less space, are lighter, and require less maintenance (good for traveling/ apartments). I would advise investing in one of these if you're not too sure you want to continue with piano.

    Don't worry about a bunch of superfluous add-ons and extra sounds that you won't use. They just raise the price.

    Yamaha has some nice keyboards.

    As for buying a piano, I'd just recommend going to a piano store and trying one out, seeing if you like one's sound over another. The older ones are generally cheaper.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Started a few years ago and own an electric keyboard.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The only thing I would say is, make sure if it is an electronic keyboard that it is touch-sensitive and has piano sized keys.

    I know you are talking about buying a piano, but I thought I'd mention these things as a lot of people get a keyboard thinking it will do the same job for a beginner and don't realise the above issues.

    You need proper sized keys so your muscle memory for your finger spacing doesn't get mixed up.

    You need it to be touch-sensitive so you can play both softly and loudly.

    Source(s): I used to teach piano & keyboard
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  • 1 decade ago

    Excellent answers from Walweroom ,Wsjulz, Epwirjuo.

    weighted keyboard and full size keys is your main thing to look for. And for this a new is around $800 -$1000.

    Yamaha is also my choice. ( 88 Motif, $3700 ). for you stick with only weighted keyboard and full size keys.For the balanting of the hands. and its way cheaper.

    Make a good solid on this first keys and you will never get rid of it. When you get up to a Motif, you can always have your first keys in your bedroom as a second keys. My is a Roland and a 78 TS 12 Ensoniq which as my favorite sequencinger.

    So that's the story. I been a keyboard manager at Guitar Center for 4 years. that is what I will tell as your salesman

    Source(s): Been a keyboardist for 35 years Have a uncle who is a classical pianist Have a family member who won the grammy as a writer Had a #1 R&B group, Pyramyd, Here in Arizona, for four straight tears in a row. Which open up show like Billy Ocean, Whispers One way,Con Funk Shun, Klamax, David Sandborn, zapp Stephanie Mills, Tower of Power, War, El Chicano and Malo (Which is Carlos Santana brother Jorge Santana band)
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  • 1 decade ago

    Baldwin, Howard, Steinway. Great classic brands that only increase in value as they age.

    I found a 1930 baby grand Baldwin in a thrift store for $2000. In perfect shape. Yes you can find deals like that . I found out is is worth about 10,000.

    Some things I have found out.

    It is better to buy used- they have settled and don't have to be tuned as often. They also tend to be less expensive. Higher quality for less $$.

    Look through estate sales, and the classified sales in the paper. Someone is always moving and cannot take uncle Henry's piano with them.

    Have someone who knows music and pianos come with you.

    Hire someone to move the piano. Your neighbors will flee if you ask them to help.

    A piano always needs tuning after a move plan on $200-$350 .Wait at least two weeks before you have it tuned in its new home.

    Happy hunting

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  • 1 decade ago

    get a keyboard with 61 keys that is what i did

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