fantasy baseball 2 questions?

1) i have 4 relief pitchers sherrill, fuentes,putz and ryan, should i drop any to pick joe crede ( alex gordon and escobar are my 3B)

2) in another league should i srop freddy sanchez or jose lopez or cantu to pick up joe crede?

Please need ur help!!

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    Crede is a run of the mill 3rd baseman,,if it was me I'd package Putz+Gordon(or Escobar,whoever draws more value),,,,,and offer them both for Ryan Braun,Miggy Cabrera,

    David Wright,or A.Rod (A.Rod is going cheap in some trades..If noone bites,offer Putz+Gordon+Escobar for'em)

    Then you'll have 1 or 2 vacant roster spots,and you could get Crede as a backup,or utility guy.Same philosophy might work with tour second question,PACKAGE 2,OR 3 INFERIOR PLAYERS TO GET 1 SUPERIOR PLAYER....

    ~~Good Luck!~~

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