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I keep getting really bad head achs and they take along time to go away?

when I do get rid of the head ach they come back worse. what does that mean?

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    you could be having issues with your eyesight that your not even aware of and that could be causing the headaches. it could be stress, allergies, medications, too much caffiene, or it could be some other medical issue with sinuses or arteries. sometimes certain smells can cause headaches (perfume, cleaners etc.) if it gets too bothersome and is interfearing with your work or daily activities I would see a doctor about it.

    also, sometimes sitting quietly with a cold rag on your head helps (rather than asprin or tyelnol)..

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    if these are not the same head aches you have always had you best go to a doc see if you are having a migrains (like reallys bad head aches) you can get medication for but if not just keep topping up on water

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    Go see a doctor head aches are a sign that there is something wrong.

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    I have a friend that used to have frequent headaches. He went to the doctor and they did all kinds of tests. Nothing showed up. He has had them for at least a year. They were treating him for migraines. He just found out what they were caused by. He had a blood vessel in his head that had started leaking. They caught it in time. I don't know all the reasons behind your headaches, but if you have had them for a good while, please go to the doctor and have them checked out.

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  • bounds
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    Call your surgeon and allow him recognise what's going on. Have him speak for your mum and dad approximately bringing you in to peer him. I'm definite it's not anything severe however a two week headache must be checked through the surgeon.

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