Famous NFL Play from a long time ago???

When John Madden still PLAYED football, there was a famous play (John Madden played in the game) where there was a crazy pass, some guy caught the ball, but it was right near the turf. It was ruled a catch, but it's very very close.... What was the name of that play? (i.e. "The Catch", "The Miracle at the Meadowlands", etc.)

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    John Madden was coaching Oakland. Franco Harris caught a pass near the ground for a touchdown that with the rules at the time, should have been flagged for illegal touch.

    Immaculate Reception

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    1972 AFC play-off game played at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Bradshaw scrambles out of the pocket with 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter. It's fourth down & the Steelers are trailing the Raiders & this will be the last play of the game. Bradshaw throws deep to Frenchy Fuqua across the middle & Jack Tatum of the Raiders comes over Fuqua's shoulder & deflects the ball backwards to Franco Harris trailing the play. Harris snags the ball off his shoe tops & heads for the endzone. TD, Pittsburgh wins & goes on to lose the AFC title game the next week to undefeated Miami.

    PS: Madden coached the Raiders, he didn't play in this game

    The play was named "The Immaculate Reception" & has been called the most famous play in NFL history.

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    John Madden never played an NFL snap past the one year with the Eagles... He was drafted by the Eagles and injured his knee in training camp later

    People... Who threw the Immaculate Reception? Who Caught it? How old are they? How old is Madden who was born in 1936!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?

    Bradshaw was born 12 years later... Thumbs down all you want, but Madden did NOT play in this game....

    John Madden was coaching against Chuck Noll!!!!

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    the Immaculate Reception caught by Franco Harris at the ground almost and he took it all the way to the house

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    The imaculate reception

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    the immaculate reception, which was ball caught by franco harris of steeler, who ran for touchdown as time ran out in 1974 playoffs, giving steelers a win over raiders!! do i get 10 extra points now?

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    The imaculate reception?

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