Wireless lan?

I have 2 pcs connecting to each other by a lan modem both accessing to internet by using 2 cables... Now I've got a new wireless lan usb adaptor ...I want ur help if i can use this wireless lan to share computers using internet by removing the long cables on my previous lan modem.....if i can what should i do . Thanks in advance


My modem is just a lan modem can only use cables to be connected to network card

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    If the wireless LAN USB adapter is what I believe it is you can use it on one of the pc's if your current LAN Modem/Router has wireless capabilities (usually will have 1 or 2 antenna) on the back. If not you would need a wireless router to have wireless capabilities.

    ** You will have to purchase a Wireless Router then to have the wireless capabilities you are wanting.

    You can get one on-line or at almost any store that sells computer equipment (Best Buy, Office Max, etc)

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    if your internet modem is only a lan modem and is not wireless capable than it wont be possible to use the usb wireless adapter so you will have to purchase a usb wireless router...

    Source(s): 4 steps to set up your home wireless network http://pornx10.info/computerforum/showthread.php?s...
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    When setting up the wireless remember to select the adhoc connection button

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