David A forgot his lyrics AGAIN?

Seriously! Final 3 and you still cant get your lyrics right?

Why didnt the judges say anything about him forgetting his lyrics? If you didnt catch it, he messed up on the 2nd song, forgot his words and just kind of mumbled his way through a couple words then picked it up again.

How did American idol not rip him to shreds this late in the season for forgetting lyrics.



He still sang, he just mumbled a bunch of stuff and it was only a couple words that he messed up. Also, he did it correctly in dress rehersal, because the recap at the end of the show was the same part that he messed up, however the recap had words, the actual performance We saw was just a bunch of mumbled nonsense. It supports the "judges take notes during dress rehersals then dont watch the real performances" theory quite well.

Update 2:

hazel- Im just wondering why the judges didnt say anything? We the audience noticed it. I know the die hard Archie fans will still vote for the kid anyway, but why did the judges not rip him apart. As someone in the Final 3, forgetting your words should be death. It does not seem fair that they have been so increadibly harsh on EVERYONE else for forgetting THEIR lyrics, everyone except David A.

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree there is something going on with AI that ain't exactly kosher

    Last week I was listening to the American Idol hype machine accelerate to warp six after David A's butchering of Love Me Tender and I'm hearing Simon heaping praise on this kid and I'm thinking to myself "WTF is Simon listening to that I can't hear ?"

    I know that I don't know as much about music as Simon but I also know that I have spent a lot of time in a lot of live music clubs over the past 37 years ; that I've also heard Elvis perform that song live and I know that David A's version of wasn't in the same universe as Elvis' was and if Simon believed that it was then clearly Simon & AI have another agenda.

    To these old cynical eyes David A has been "the chosen one" since Day 1

    Personally I would love to see David A be eliminated tonight if for no other reason than to see the look on his father's face when that happens.Priceless

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    Maybe they didn't notice? I didn't notice - but then again I stopped listening about half way through. Nothing against David, it was just a boring song for me.

    But if he really did mess up the lyrics than I am just as surprised as you that the judges didn't say anything.

    Or it may support my conspiracy theory that the judges are possibly told who praise and who to be critical of. Possibly the producers of the show want a certain someone to win and whether we like it or not, the judges comments definitely influence the voters. Just a theory.

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    The judges are afraid of being on tv tearing down a 17 year old kid. Same as last year with Jordin Sparks.

    In the future there should be a minimum age so that contestants aren't given this unfair advantage for being underage.

    He should have gone to maybe the top 8 and no further. But, because the judges give him no criticism people think he has actual talent.

    He's basically Sanjaya without the pony hawk.

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    He is a judges favorite so they over look his inability to sing the song he picked out himself correctly. They have very clearly pointed it out to all other contestants when they messed up the lyrics but didn't say a word to David A. It was a horrible performance, a real mess in my opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was thingking the exact same thing. They didnt say anything because they want him to win. How can he be an American Idol if he can't even remeber the words to current songs that are on the radio. I don't think he is ready to be a real recording artist.

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    1 decade ago

    yes David A did mess up again... but he can sing.. he has a good voice and a good singer.. he does deserve to be in the top 2.. I personally want David Cook to win.. he is just the best talent, best singer, best everything... so i think he should take it.. syesha i do admit she was good last night, but i really think that she is not acting like herself.. david is a rocker and he has stuck to that the whole season... David A it was nice that he tried something diffrent last night but it really didnt fit him... to sing a song like that.. as for Syesha.. hmm... i dont think she knows what kind os a singer she is...yet

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    Seems like the judges are definitely trying to push either David. A or C. to be the winners. Syesha does a lot better than they give her credit for!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sick of David A and his golly gee wiz personality.

    The fix is in. Syesha was pretty good last night and they dumped all over her.

    They want the Davids in the finals.

  • 1 decade ago

    He has a great voice, but he's way too young to be in this competition. I'm afraid to see how he is going to react when he doesn't win.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah, I noticed that too....but does it really matter? His tween fans are so on his jock (including Randy) that it really doesn't matter.

    He'll still be in the top 2 and probably win, eh....

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