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History of United States Foreign Policy?

Despite the fact that the Cold War is over, the United States remains concerned about the former Soviet Union and former Soviet bloc nations. In today’s world, why do you think that the U.S. government has paid so much attention to conditions in places like Bosnia, Albania, and Chechnya? There are three major areas of U. S. concern in these nations and in any weak unstable nation.

Write an essay naming and explaining these three areas of U.S. concern today. NOTE: Your essay should be a MINIMUM of five paragraphs.

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    USSR filed chapter 11 and is now back under a new name, new logo, and Semi-new Management. but the economy is good military spending under control, they need only now to wait until our out of control military spending, huge deficit, and oil dependency collapse the USA and then they will again ascend to world leadership role. that is not too far off, they can wait. We have been cutting our own throuts in foreign policy for years, and the "Blowback" of our corrupt policies is fast catching up.

    U.S. State Department Policy Planning Study #23, 1948:

    Our real task... is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity [U.S. military- economic supremacy]... To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming... We should cease to talk about vague and...unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization... we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better. George Kennan, Director of Policy Planning. U.S. State Department. 1948

    Many of the world's most repressive dictators have been friends of America.

    Tyrants, torturers, killers, and sundry dictators and corrupt puppet-presidents have been aided, supported, and rewarded handsomely for their loyalty to US interests. Traditional dictators seize control through force, while constitutional dictators hold office through voting fraud or severely restricted elections, and are frequently puppets and apologists for the military juntas which control the ballot boxes. In any case, none have been democratically elected by the majority of their people in fair and open elections.

    the changes in South America over the last several years are an indication that US domination is at an end, Chavez, Morales are results of corrupt US policy and long dictatorships supported by US.

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    No, those acts do not meet the definition of terrorism. i don't have the time to respond to you factor via factor yet you're finding at each and every journey in a vacuum. specific, once you're making bullet factors there is plenty that the U. S. looks to have performed incorrect yet in doing so which you're ignoring the international political climate and cultures on the time those events got here approximately. i'm not offering this as an apology or an excuse, yet you're lacking the easy certainty that each and every person governments are centred upon the nicely being and perpetuation of their u . s . a .. isn't that the place the term realpolitik got here from? in spite of the certainty that, i might argue that the U. S. is the main charitable u . s . a . in international, in spite of if that charity could, at circumstances, have ulterior reasons. I easily have 2 stressful situations for you. coach how the country you're from or help has by no ability committed any comparable acts upon any human beings AND call a valid democratically elected chief that the U. S. had assassinated or toppled (not asserting that is impossible yet one would not spring to concepts). ok, honest sufficient. i will provide you Arbenz (the trumped up evidence kinda reminds you of yet another invasion would not it?) yet disagree with Allende and Ortega. the U. S. tried to have Allende defeated interior the election and allegedly had not something to do with the coup mutually as Ortega replace into purely not re-elected (besides the certainty that there replace right into somewhat element referred to as Iran-Contra). of path, it bears point out that each and every person 3 have been socialists for the time of the chilly conflict and, interior the circumstances of Allende and Ortega, had some degree of ties to the two the Soviet Union or Cuba.

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    Who says the cold wars over? even though the soviet union collapsed russia still has nukes and they are growing very powerful again. There economy is starting up fast the US is trying to install missle defense shields in europe against the russians. The russians are funding Iran and many other countries the US is against. Just because there system of government is different doesnt mean the war is over its just entering another stage of the game.

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    did you find the answer to this question yet? i cannot figure it out and i have the same paper due today.

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