When does dating turn into BF/GF?

Just wanted to know.

Do you 'ask someone out' and that makes you BF/GF?


Do you ask for a date or three, then ask to be BF/GF?

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    Sorry but it is never that simple!

    I don't think just asking someone out makes them a gf/bf - there needs to be some time spent together to get to know each other and see if you are right together first. it might frighten the other person off if they just want a date to see if they like you, they think you want a proper relationship starting immediately!

    It's always going to be different, depending on each others feelings for the other person. Some couples "click" very quickly and would very soon be calling each other bf/gf - maybe after only 2 dates.

    Others might still be "just seeing each other" after several months. Putting on the bf/gf lable can put a lot of pressure on someone and makes the relationship sound serious, and sometimes it takes a person a while before they are ready for that.

    it is probably not a very good idea to classify a relationship on the type of kissing/physical side of things. A long passionate kiss doesn't mean a thing if it's at a party between two people who don't really know each other and have been drinking all night! However, after a few good/successful dates, you are obviously more than good friends and the peck moves onto a proper kiss, that might mean the relationship is turning into bf/gf mode.

    The worst thing is if one person is just after the physical side/sex (say the guy) and so he wanst to start kissing the other person very soon, but the other person (say the girl) is more interested in the emotional/love side of things. That would make is hard for the girl who thinks that the guy really likes her and starts thinking of him as a boyfriend, when all the guy wants is "one thing"!

    I think you will know between yourselves, if it feels right to refer to them as a bf/gf, then it probably is. You could even try it and see - e.g. let them hear you on the phone to a friend that you are going out with your bf/gf tonight, and see how they act. if they smile, it's obvious they think of you the same way!

    If it still seems a bit early, even if it has been several weeks, or that the other person doesn't seem ready, maybe you are not quite at the stage yet.

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    1 decade ago

    In my experience, if you go on more than 3 dates, it's obvious that you are both into each other.

    I think the stage comes when you or your partner sleeps at your home, and (obviously) you have sex, is an important stage. If things go a bit cold after that- no BF/GF. If it heats up more, then yes. Almost BF/GF.

    Then, once your partner has met your mates (and become like a really close friend of yours, not just a shag buddy), that's when it's official.

    Hope this helps! :D

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    i really dont know

    i think its a special unwritten code

    you spend a lot of time round each others house

    sleep over stay the night

    usually then it just sorta happens

    however if ur still quite uptight with each other then u got to actually physically wait till u are relaxed

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    go with your feelings- there is no set time to ask someone out. But people normally get to know each other first- unless ure shallow and just go off looks that is!

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  • 1 decade ago

    er depends on he relationship really

    sometimes a couple of dates ..3 ish then you know if you want to commit to that person

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are bf/gf when you have a passionate kiss (not just a peck) and you feel really comfortable around eachother

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    you really have to talk to the other person, the best foundation for any relationship is communication

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