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i sometimes have the sudden urge to jump off from a building..?

I suffer from social/general anxiety...and sometimes I just feel jumping off from the window when i see the sudden urge?..of course i wouldnt actually do it..but its scary..

could this be related to my anxiety or something else?

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  • enn
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    Actually it's normal.

    Many people experience a "What if?" moment when next to a ledge of some height.

    There's lots you can do to get over it.

    Try going to a local gym or health club that has a trampoline and a rock climbing wall.

    Jump on the trampoline as much as you want, and go as high as you can.

    Next go to the rock climbing wall and climb to the top and look down. Look down the whole time you are being let back down on the ropes.

    But go to the health club - don't try doing this all alone. At the health club you will meet and talk to other people and socialize, that's helping fear number 1. Talk to people there about your fears of social anxiety, you will find other people who have the same fears as you! The more you learn to relax as you meet people and find you are not alone in your fears, the more you will be able to conquer them.

    Climbing the rock wall will help you learn to trust the person holding your ropes at the bottom, that's fear number two. And climbing to the top and looking down will help you conquer a fear of heights and wanting to throw yourself off a cliff, that's fear number three.

    By conquering these fears in a reasonable, tangible, possible way, you may find yourself opening up to new ideas that don't include focusing on your fears.

    Give it a try!

  • Reaper
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    Curiosity killed the cat?

    Jump off something that's not that high and won't kill you. Or maybe you can go bungee jumping or sky diving instead of wasting your life over something ridiculous? Because you're going to die before you know what it's like. There's some photos and videos where people actually does that and how they end up, which is very disgusting sight to watch. You probably lack in imagination. Also, living or spending most of the time in a tall building numbs your warning sign for such things like heights.

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    Firstly, its good to know that you're in control. Secondly I hope these are not due to suicidal thoughts. Even i have a similar urge when standing on the edge of a cliff, or at the window of a really high building, but it si because of my urge to experience flight, and falling. Im not afraid of heights. I guess you suffer from similar curiosity or some sort of vertigo.

    Source(s): Try Sky diving/ bungee jumping or base jumping, or para-gliding, If your urge to jump out of the window is reduced after that, you love to fly, just like me.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think everybody has urges to do bad things. But the key is controlling yourself. I have the urge to just push random people down but I don't do it.

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    i sometimes have the urge to drive into oncoming traffic. i wouldn't really do it either, but i don't like the thoughts i get sometimes.

    i think it has to do with unhappiness, loneliness, or the need for attention. at least for me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hopefully this is just a passing phase. In the meantime stay away from buildings.

  • Anonymous
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    I have this with bridges and at train stations

    It's semi-normal to be instantaneously (temporarily) 'drawn' towards the dangerous act but for me it only lasts a second.

    It's a fear of 'losing control' which is common in those of us who have a little bit of anxiety.

    Just turn away and think of something else but if it gets too bad see a therapist.

    This feeling of being drawn to the edge of a platform or building has gotten weaker with me and it is not an indication that you *want* to do it - it is just your mind playing games.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: i agree with most of the answers above: it's normal. My sister in law laughs at the train thing cos she feels it too - she is the sanest person I know and when we are on a train platform together and a train whizzes through we both turn and smile at each other cos we feel inexplicably 'drawn' to the edge ... I agree with answerer above that it's a 'What if i did it?' situation

    My brother had a similar thing when he had his first baby he felt he could just pick her up and chuck her out the window if he lost control and had to put her down!!

    Normal - don't worry

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It could be related to some medication that you're presently taking.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is called acrophobia, to be precise, fear of heights. I too am one. If persons like me are made to walk on a wall which is too high, no one need push them to the ground. They fall on their own to the ground. It is an innate tendency to go down, as early as possible, as that person is afraid of the height.

    It is nothing other than this. There are several others on this earth who are like you. Avoid such incidents and live happily ever after

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