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hp vs dell????

i think dell is losing it bcos of their poor customer service...i love dell but i like hp more coz of t

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    Dell used to be really good. They were like #1 PC sellers and held a good portion of the market for a long time, but that was a few years ago. They've gotten so bad actually, that HP literally walked all over them, and right pass (in terms of sales and market share of course).

    Anyway, Dell is rebounding lately, they've really changed their attitude after HP skyrocketed. Before Dell was just too cocky because they were #1 and no one even came close. Now it's pretty even, but I would say HP is still a little better overall (just for now at least).

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    Ok you've got these types of laptops to choose: 1. Compaq 2.Toshiba 3.Dell 4.Panasonic 5.eMachines 6.Sony Vaoi 8. Gateway 9. HP Invent 10. Mac AirBook These are all the types out there in the market the ones you wanna look for are these in an laptop 1. 200GB or greater in an hard drive 2. At least 2GB of RAM 3. Tech Support 4. Long Battery life 5. Wireless connection compatibility 6. CD/DVD drive With these yo are sure to be able find something but in my request: 1.HP (Range of $799 or higher 2.DELL (range of $799 or higher 3.SONY (range of $899 or below 4. Mac AirBook (This one is about the range of over $900

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    I prefer HP more. Dell customer service is very poor and the computer reliability isn't good also

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    Dell is better, in my opinion. I have had no problems with either of my Dell machines and have had lots of issues with both of my HP laptops. With Dell depending on your machine you may receive a higher tier of support. I purchased a Dell XPS 410 and received a second tier support in the US. Hope this helps you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Definitely it is HP! haha...

    I dun use Dell unless it is Free in the package!

    HP computers are better. HP Compaq Nx9010, that's the best laptop I ever have.

    Dell computers are cheapskate quality.

    e.g. D430 metal paint comes off due to hot temperature. suck.

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    i think you should go for HP if you have some extra money because dell has rumors saying it is cheap stuff they sell. But i personally think mac is best out of all of them.

  • Ebilan
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    HP definitely.

    If I wanted a computer built by monkeys and crippled by one piece of hardware then maybe I'd buy Dell.

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    i'm computer service at my country. i've seen take service hp and dell. i think you must choice dell, is very reable,strong and powerfull than hp.

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    but i guess dell is better than hp.

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