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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

The question about jilin吉林(15分)Quick in

I want to ask about Jilin's

1)Political aspect e.g. the system of government, freedoms

2)Economic aspect e.g. how do the people make a living

3)Social aspect e.g. education, social welfare, culture,



Quick~ Thx


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    General Background

    Jilin(吉林) is situated in the central part of northeastern China, bordering Russia and North Korea in the east and southeast. The province is largely covered by grassland in the west and shaped by the Changbai Mountains(長白山)in the east.

    Changchun(長春), the capital of the province, and Jilin(吉林)are open cities enjoying similar preferential policies as in the coastal open cities.

    Political aspect

    The province has four ethnic minorities autonomous areas, namely, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Area(延邊朝鮮自治州), Former Russian Autonomous County(前郭爾羅斯自治縣), Changbai Korean Autonomous County(長白朝鮮族自治縣)and Yitong Man Autonomous County(伊通滿族自治縣).

    Economic aspect

    The province has advantages in developing machinery, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy and forest industries. At present, automobiles and petrochemicals are named the pillar industries in the province.

    Pharmaceutical industry in Jilin includes chemical drugs, TCM drugs, medical instruments and medicinal packaging. Output of chemical and patent drugs accounts for 90% of the industry's total.

    Jilin is also an important petrochemical production base in China.

    Jilin is also an important grain production base in China. Its corn output ranked the first in the country. The province is also famous for ginseng and pilose antler(鹿茸)and their outputs are high in the country. Jilin is rich in traditional medicine resources and it aims to develop as an important production base of herbal medicine.

    Social Aspects

    Jilin has abundant tourist resources. Main tourist sites in the province include the Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve(長白山國家級自然保護區)and the Xianghai Natural Reserve(向海國家級自然保護區), the Songhua Lake(松花湖)and the Jingyue Pond(靜月潭).

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