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幫我轉做英文呀!!thx 越簡單越好




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    The film that friend and I saw is Zhou Xingchi's Shaolin football , and an actioner. This TV is worth watching very much, besides time, and a lot of story of making laughs. Because like the film around the football and star oneself. The story is that very poor Zhou Xingchi and his brother take two good time all over, is it participate in football than real , 1 million bonus to call. Their ideal is that Lei reach the match, develop time. Everything happens on the way, none of them gives up. Enter the final match finally. Is it after the the film , have two focal point is it say first focal point to want to look askance, though this film has many scenes of making laughs, the story has romantic scenes to enter the surface. Focal point two, the personality in their story faces the result failing hard besides not giving up , though this film is very worth watching, it is not all my cup tea to go to Shaolin footballs in fact, I expect department Yuan HePing's film (time). It is 4 stars that I give Shaolin a football .

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