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急 曼哈頓奇緣 英文翻譯 (簡單字句即可)~20


字句簡單 不須太難= =

「吉賽兒(Giselle)在森林散步的時候 用一首歌打動王子

兩個人馬上結婚 結婚當天 吉賽兒被王子的stepmother推入池子

從童話故事跑到現實世界 吉賽兒被帶到紐約 結果王子就去救她 但最後吉賽兒還是和羅伯(他英文怎拼我忘了= =)在曼哈頓過著幸福的生活」

請英文高手翻譯 越簡單越好

還有那個羅伯 他英文名字我忘了 希望看過的人翻出正確的英文~

請不要用翻譯軟體= =



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    「吉賽兒(Giselle)在森林散步的時候 用一首歌打動王子

    When walking in the forest, Giselle touched a prince's heart by singing a song.

    兩個人馬上結婚 結婚當天 吉賽兒被王子的stepmother推入池子

    They got married immediately. On the wedding day, Giselle was pushed into a pond by prince's stepmother.

    從童話故事跑到現實世界 吉賽兒被帶到紐約 結果王子就去救她 但最後吉賽

    To switch from the fairy tale to the real world, Giselle is brought to New York and the prince goes there to rescue her.

    兒還是和羅伯(他英文怎拼我忘了= =)在曼哈頓過著幸福的生活」

    Finally, Giselle and Robert live in Manhattan happily thereafter.

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    吉賽兒 touched a prince while taking a little stroll in the woods by singing a song.The two of them got married right afterwords.But durring the wedding 吉賽兒 was pushed into a pond by the prince's stepmother.From the world of fairy tales to the real world.吉賽兒 was taken to New York,as a result the prince was on his way to rescue 吉賽兒.But however,at the end 吉賽兒 still stayed in manhattan and lived not only a happy but also blest life with Robert.



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