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    Whole effects fair facial wash

    Product special feature:Moderate wash,clearly the skin isn't dry puckery

    Apply skin quality:General skin quality

    Usage dosage:Take to just the right amount be stained with water to rub to crumple to rise a bubble, lightly massage a face department skin, then use Wen Shui3 to wash clearly


    Product special feature:Enrich to contain the β -glucan in the saccharides, promote a skin to protect water degree, effectively adjust reason skin

    Apply skin quality:The general skin quality all applies

    Usage dosage:Face department's taking after washing clearly is juster the right amount of than to tap whole faceses at hand;Or the usage make up cotton and be stained with wet behind paint whole faces

    Use:Hydrate, adjust to manage skin function

    Product special feature:Gao density saccharides, effectively repress MMPs activity, reach in the meantime fair, the hydration, anti- is aging and make skin by inside go to outside, pure white deeply bright.

    Apply skin quality:Dark sink, the spot, skin color is not and all

    Usage dosage:Take just the right amount of daubery at the whole faceses and massage after making up water to absorb then

    Use:Fair and thin spot, the exaltation skin bright degree

    Body lotion

    Product special feature:The quality clearness easily absorbs and immediately improve a skin thick hold a problem

    Apply skin quality:I am dry, aging and dark to sink a skin

    Usage dosage:At the fair essence liquid after taking just the right amount of daubery at the whole faceses and massaging to absorb then

    Use:Hydration, thin spot

    Protective base

    Product special feature:All-new saccharides ingredient, can effectively repress DNA injury, and repair damaged DNA, the skin was much like a layer protection film.

    Apply skin quality:General skin quality

    Usage dosage:The face department sweeps, after skin maintaining, last before the makeup, take just the right amount of daubery whole faceses.

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    All whitening effect Ximian Ru

    Features: moderate wash, dry skin does not

    Application of skin: General skin

    Amount of usage: to take appropriate Zhanshui rub blisters, gently massage facial skin, and then warm water wash

    Use: clean

    Features: rich in polysaccharides in the β-glucan, enhance skin water, effective skin conditioning

    Application of skin: skin are generally applicable

    Amount of usage: wash face, take appropriate pat in the hands of the whole face, or the use of Hua Zhuangmian, Zhanshi after smearing the whole face

    Use: moisture, to make the skin function

    Features: high concentration of polysaccharide, inhibit the activity of MMPs, at the same time achieve whitening, moisturizing, anti-ageing, skin from inside to outside, white lucent.

    Application of skin: An Chen, dot, colour uneven

    Amount of usage: in the make-up water, the amount applied for the entire face and massage to be absorbed

    Use: White, Dan Ban, improve skin brightness

    Emollient emulsion

    Features: refreshing texture easy to absorb, to immediately improve rough skin problems parade

    Application of skin: dry, aging, skin Anchen

    Amount of usage: in liquid whitening cream, for the entire amount applied in the face and massage to be absorbed

    Use: moisture, Dan Ban

    Ge Lishuang

    Features: new element of polysaccharides, can inhibit the DNA damage and the repair of damaged DNA, skin like more of the protective film.

    Application of skin: General skin

    Usage dosage: facial cleansing, skin maintenance, on cosmetics, applied for full-face amount

    Use: isolation

    Use these steps: Ximian Ru → cosmetic whitening essence of liquid water → → Whitening Emulsion → Ge Lishuang

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