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幫忙中文翻英文 拜託一下急高手

6.更換新手套,使用 527M3 洗手並帶上護目鏡(圖9),將手套沖洗乾淨無殘留泡沫後,取1個包裝袋在水柱底下沖洗,從桶中取出 Sponge 將包裝袋套上並裝在 Sponge 轉動軸上,且與軸承墊片貼齊,Sponge 位置需隔著包裝袋調整,安裝完畢才將袋子取下(圖16~21),Smooth Sponge 裝法與 Nodule Sponge 相同.

7.新 Sponge 裝上後需確認 Sponge 不可以碰到 Gripper ,若會必須立即做調整.

8.執行手動空刷確認 Sponge 的位置和轉動是否平順,注意:而後需將中間隔板放好位置(圖22~23),切換 Auto Run 模式,並使用 LMR NCM Out Disk 3 LOT 來回刷洗 3 次後Check Candela. (Target:Avg. Specification<20 ; Control limit<10)



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    6. Replacing new glove, usage 527M3 washes hands and take goggle (Picture 9), rinse glove neatness have not remain bubble behind, take one sack rinse under water column, take out Sponge install sack sum of on at Sponge turn axile from bucket in and, and with bearing shim pastes neat, Sponge position need to separate sack adjustment, install finish just take bag under (Picture 16~21), Smooth Sponge installs law same as Nodule Sponge.

    7. New Sponge fit on behind need to confirm Sponge does not can run into Gripper, if can must make adjust immediately.

    8. Execute manual empty Shua confirm Sponge &#39;s position and turn whether smoothness, pay attention to : after that need to set free mid feather good position (Picture 22~23), switch Auto Run mode, and use LMR NCM Out Disk 3 LOT back and forth brush 3 time behind Check Candela. (Target:Avg. Specification&lt; 20; Control limit&lt; 10)

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  • 6. Replaces the new glove, uses 527M3 to wash the hands and on the

    belt preserve(chart 9), after the glove flushing clean not residual

    froth, takes 1 sack to flush under the water column, takes out Sponge

    from the barrel to put on the sack and to install on the Sponge

    rotating axis, also pastes neat with the bearing shim, the Sponge

    position must be away from the sack adjustment, the installment

    finishes only then takes down the bag (attempts 16~21), Smooth the

    Sponge process and Nodule Sponge is same

    7. After new Sponge installs must confirm Sponge may not bump into

    Gripper, if the meeting must make the adjustment immediately

    8. Carries out manually spatially brushes confirmed Sponge the

    position and rotates whether smoothly, attention: After that must put

    the middle partition board the position (to attempt 22~23), cuts Auto

    the Run pattern, and uses LMR NCM Out Disk 3 LOT back and forth to

    clean 3 from now on Check Candela. (Target:Avg. Specification)

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