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麻煩幫我食譜中翻英(DAN PAN JI)





配料(Ingredients)︰雞一隻 (1 chicken)、馬鈴薯兩個(2 potatoes)、乾辣椒一把 (hot pepper)、青椒一個、洋蔥半個、番茄一個 (1 tomato)、大蒜頭一些、八角 (Star anise)、桂皮 (Chinese cinnamon) 、豆瓣醬 (Thick bean sauce)、花椒。

1.把沒拔乾淨的毛和雞皮表面一層黃臘狀的東西都洗掉,小**肚子裡的肺挖出扔掉 (in small chicken belly ,否則會有血腥味,雞脖子附近的皮含大量淋巴組織,也最好剪下來扔掉,剝洗乾淨後弄乾水份,切3X3的大塊,然後用醬油腌一下備用。



4.豆瓣醬炒出醬香味後就可以下干辣椒了,繼續翻炒到辣香撲鼻時,關鍵的地方到了(most impotant step)︰下一整瓶啤酒,剛好淹過雞,大火燒開 (start big fire)。

5.撒把鹽撕點桂皮扔個八角揪片香葉, 蓋鍋燉


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    1. Remove the feather and the yellowish waxy substance on the skin of the cornish. Clear out the organs inside the cornish to eliminate the smell of blood. Cut off the skin around the neck of the cornish to remove the lymph glands. Clean and drain the cornish. Cut the cornish in pieces of 3X3(inch or cm?), marinate with black bean sauce and put aside.

    2. Heat oil in a pan to medium hot, put in the the Sichuan pepper and turn off the fire immediately (over-fried Sichuan pepper will become bitter), fry the Sichuan pepper slightly, remove from the oil and discard.

    3. Re-heat the oil and pan fry the cornish chunk until golden brown and with lessen steam. Add a tablespoon of spicy bean paste and ginger slices and continue to pan fry.

    4. When you can smell the spicy bean paste, add the dried pepper. Continue to pan fry until you can really smell the pepper. Now, the most important step: pour in a can of beer just over the cornish, turn up the heat to high until boil.

    5. Add a pitch of salt, cinnamon bark, star anise, and bay leaf, cover and simmer.

    6. When half of the liquid is absorbed, add in potato and tomato chunks. Continue to simmer until dry. Add in green pepper and garlic, slightly stir-fired and remove from the pan to the dish.

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