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請問這篇英文的意思??幫我翻成中文 謝謝 20點

From "Living in Tongues"

The first thing you have to understand about my childhood is that it

mostly took place in another language. I was raised speaking French,

and did not begin learning English until I was nearly 7 years old. Even

after that, French continued to be the language I spoke at home with

my parents. (I still speak only French with them to this day.) This fact

inevitably affects my recall and evocation of my childhood, since I am writing and primarily thinking in English. There are stated of mind, even people and events, that seem inaccessible in English, since they are defined by the character of the language through which I perceived them. My second language has turned out to be my principal tool, my means for making a living, and it lies close to the core of my

self-definition. My first language, however, is coiled underneath,

governing a more primal realm.

French is a pipeline to my infant self, to unguarded emotions and even to its preserved sensory impressions. I can, for example, use

language as a measure of pain. If I stub my toe, I may profanely exclaim, in English, "Jesus!" But in Agony, like when I am passing a kidney stone, I become uncharacteristically reverent, which is only possible for me in French. "Petit Jesus!" I will cry, in the tones of nursery religion.

When I babble in the delirium of a fever or talk aloud in my sleep, I have been told by others, I do so in French.




= = 兩個很明顯都是翻譯軟體的

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    首先你必須要了解我的童年, 我成長時期大多都是在一個沒有我了解的語言的國家, 我是個出生在法文家庭的人, 到七歲前我並沒有學過英語. 就算如此, 在家我還是與我的父母講法文. (至此我還是與她們用法語交談) 不可避免的, 這影響了我的童年記憶, 因為我書寫及思考都是用英文. 還有一些人事物, 雖然並不常見在英文的情況下發生, 因為它們是由我最初理解的語言來定義的. 我的第二語言逐漸變成我最常用的語言, 我生活中運用的語言, 也是我自我定位的語言. 我的第一語言, 還深深的纏繞著我, 畢竟他還是我的根. 我在表達自己最直接的想法時, 我還是會用法文. 例如, 當我踢傷所的腳指, 我也許會用英文說"耶穌基督Jesus", 但是當我深深的感到痛苦時, 例如, 腎結石發作時, 我會用法文說"耶穌基督Petit Jesus!" 我的吶喊, 會是用我最初的認知.

    旁人告訴我, 我發燒或熟睡時的夢話是以法語訴說的.

    Source(s): 我自己~對不起, 很小就出國了, 中文不好
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    主要地發生在另外的語言. 我被升起說話法國的,

    和不開始學習英語直到我是幾乎7歲. 甚至


    我的父母. (我仍然說話僅僅法國的隨著他們至今. )這事實

    不可避免地影響我的召回和召喚的我的童年,自從我是書寫和主要地認為在英語. 有指定的心, 甚至人們和事件, 那個似乎難接近的在英語, 自從他們是定義以這字元的這語言穿越哪個我察覺他們. 我的第2種語言已結果是我的負責人工具,我的意味為了做住,和它躲藏起來徹底的我的

    自己-定義. 我的本國語,無論如何,被盤繞在下面,


    弗倫奇是管道到我的嬰兒自己,到無防禦的感情甚至到它的保護感覺的印象. 我能,譬如,用途

    語言當做量度標準的痛苦. 假如我殘段我的腳趾, 我可能瀆神地驚叫, 在英語, "耶穌基督!" 但是在苦悶, 喜歡什麼時候我是通過的一腎石, 我成為uncharacteristically恭敬的, 即是唯一可能的就我來說在法語. "無用的耶穌基督!"我會哭,在音調的托兒所宗教.


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    不好意思嚕= =

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