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@ 練習、努力

@ 要超越自己才行

@ 過程比結果來得重要

@ 沒準備的話就不能開始

@ 工作是件快樂的事

@ 成為總是在努力的"RAIN"

@ 有什麼想法比做了幾年來得重要

@ 對我來說貧困是我重要的財產

@ 所有的事都是全力以赴。

@ 就算弄錯也要試著努力去做才行

@ 不會,所以不做,和不做,所以不會的事是不同的

@ 練習演技累了就練習歌技,練習歌技累了就練習演技

@ "RAIN"最相信的事就是不斷的練習自己的意志力和努力

@ 現在睡的話可以做個美夢,現在不睡的話可以完成美夢

@ 我有我的武器,有實力,肯努力的人絕對不會擔心不安,就算人氣低落一定也有支持我的人,我只要有支持我的人就好了

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    The characteristic of RAIN

    A single-edged eyelid, well-shaped body, a nice-looking face,

    excellent dancing skills, unique voice, charming smile and eyes.

    But the main factor of his success was his hard-working attitude.

    In 2000, as a senior in high school, Rain luckily met the one who led him to the stage of singing.

    Rain danced for five hours without taking a rest, thus, made him get the admission to go into the singing field. * I can see the aspiration from his eyes which is also the reason why his application is accepted. 朴鎮英 said, * I see more enthusiastic than his actual strength.*

    * We may only have such a chance in a life-time. If it fails, I want it to be a successful failure.* Rain said.


    Making an effort all the time.

    Endless modest,

    Endless tolerance.


    @ Practice, hard work

    @ Try to transcend myself

    @ The process is more important than the result

    @ Can not start without preparing

    @ Working is a happy thing

    @ Being RAIN, the person who always does his best

    @ Having ideas is more significant than doing something for many years

    @ Poverty is the most essential fortune for me

    @ Doing things with level best

    @ Trying to do things, even if it has a chance to make a mistake

    @ I do not know how to do it, so I don't do it is different from

    I do not do it, so I don't know how to do it .

    @ When tired of practicing singing skills, then I practice acting skills.When tired of practicing acting skills, then I practice singing skills.

    @ Always believe in his own will power and effort.

    @ Sleep now, I can have a good dream.

    Do not sleep, I can make my dreams come true.

    @ I have actual strength, and that is my weapon.

    A person who is willing to work hard will never be anxious.

    Even if my popular support is low, there must be fans supported me. It is just fine to me to have someone support me.


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    我也滿喜歡RAIN 的

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    有亂碼的地方是 上面一撇


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    RAIN characteristics:

    Dan Yanpi, is of the devil, angel faces, dance is superb

    A unique voice, charming smile and eyes.

    However, he will succeed the biggest reason he should be very hard.

    In 2000, the third year of Rain Xingyu guided his music on the Park Jin-ying, interviews, Rain continued to jump the five hours of dance, it passed the exam. Later, Park Jin-ying said that he admitted the reason is that from his eyes to see the desire and strength compared to see is more enthusiasm.

    Rain said: "This life may be only an opportunity, if abandoned, would have regretted his life. Even in the United States failed, but also let it become successful failure '."


    Endless efforts, endless patience, endless modesty


    @ Practice, and strive to

    Government to go beyond their才行

    @ Process is more important than results

    @ Not ready, then we can not start

    @ Work is a happy thing

    @ Always strive to become the "RAIN"

    @ What are the ideas is more important than done for a few years

    @ To me, poverty is an important property I

    @ All things are go all out.

    @ Even if the mistake to try to do才行

    Government will not, not, and do, so it will not matter is different

    @ Acting exercises to practice tired songs on the skills and practice skills tired of the songs on acting exercises

    @ "RAIN" most believe that the matter is continuing its practice of willpower and effort

    @ Sleep now it can be a dream, do not sleep, then dreams can be completed

    @ I have my arms, strength, Kennu of the people will not worry about disturbing, even if the low popularity will have to support my people, as long as I have to support my people like the


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