any parents out there with 3 kids under the age of 5?

I have 2 kids and thinking about having another. My son will be 3 on May 27 and my daughter is 17 months. I was thinking about starting to TTC by the end of the summer but i just keep thinking the worst lately. Such as finances and the stress of 3 kids. I just want to know how having a third baby changed your life or if it wasnt a big difference at all. We just got our sleep back but i just have baby fever so bad and I know i want a big family. Just curious to hear any advice or stories from moms with 3 kids. Thanks so much:)

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    I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 2 year old. It is HARD. You WILL be stressed. But my kids all get along well (for the most part) and they are all very close. Plus they are so close in age that they have similar interests so it is super easy picking our daily events and places to go. The hard part is that you will be limited to only places with buggies to keep them corralled, or the drive thru line til they listen to you and stay with you (cause at that age they roam) But once they get to that point it is great. And there are always mom groups you can hook up with on yahoo for some playdates. I am a stay at home mom, my hubby works off shore so I am basically a single parent most of the time. When he is home we are able to do anything we want to with them, but when I am by myself I do have to limit where I go and how long I am gone because I know that if I am shopping for too long, someone is bound to get cranky. Its hard, but worth it. And especially if you want another and have your hubby there for support I would say more power to you.

    Not alot of financial difference at that point.

  • I've got 3 kids, from 2 years down. It's busy, hectic and sometimes chaotic but it can work. With the first 2 so close together it didn't really make a huge difference when the 3rd child arrived, except for the first few weeks of sleep deprivation hell. You do need to be organised, and you have to make a couple of changes to your daily routines, but if you do it's surprisingly manageable.

    One thing to prepare for is how much longer everything seems to take with 3 kids! Getting in and out of the car, breakfast, getting dressed, bath time all suddenly seem to take 6 times as long lol.

    But if you really want to do it then go for it, even though it's rough initially there are lots of positives too. Good luck!

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    My first 4 were 5 years apart -- to tell the honest truth I didn't really notice a difference after the first 2 -- once you are already exhausted and busy all day long how can you get busier? My 5th was 9 years later and my 6th 11 years after that -- now those ones I noticed lol. In my honest opinion -- if you already have 2 and want some more go for it -- when you clump them they seem to entertain each other a lot more and the older ones love to "help" with the babies. When they are close together you already have all the clothes and baby furniture anyway -- your walls already have been decorated with crayon and everything is as babyproof as it is going to get so you are prepared -- if you wait until you are done with diapers and all the big messes you kinda wonder if you want to start it again - if you just continue it all blends together into 27 ( for me) wonderful years of babies

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    I have three under 5. In fact when my youngest was born the eldest was still under 4. Their ages now are 41/2, 3 and 14 months. I found that the best way to cope was by routine, but with flexibility. I would get up and hour befor the eldest 2 were due to get so that I could give bubs a feed and enjoy my morning coffee in peace befor they got up and wanted breakfast. While they were eating I would throw on the first load of washing and do the dishes. Then i would elecate one room for them to play other then newborn of course while I cleaned the floors ect.

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    You are a brave woman, my hands are already full with 1 little 8 month old, I couldnt think of having a second. If you're not fincially satisfied at the moment dont do it. Having a child is quite costly and yes love may seem enough but you dont need to be stressed about money whilst coping with the stress of being a super mom. Think it through because the expenses begin before the child is even born. If you're finances say you can manage, then go for it, and I wish you the best of luck, mwah!

  • I am a stay at home mom with a 4 year old and a 3 year old and 29 weeks 6days pregnant with number 3 now. My baby is due July 24th. Then my kids turn 5 and 4 Nov 4th and Oct 27th. I think as a mommy we are strong. And if you really want another baby go for it. It will be tough but raising children is anyways. :D

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    my neighbor has 3 boys all below the age of three. I see the two dad and mom working mutually to care very loving to all the youngsters. No there house is muddle with toys and infant stuff. There objective is to have happy healthful toddlers.Oh I forgot to tell you the 1st 2 are twins. a number of the girls help them out and do laundry, freshen up the kitchen. and that i've got dealt with them for some hours so as that they might circulate out on my own. shall we are hoping your persons and kin will step up and supply you a hand. i comprehend in case you regulate into my neighbor I specific might. i like youngsters. good success and be happy your so blessed.

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    I have 6 but spaced them all 5 yrs apart except 2 who are 14 mos apart...all families are diff so I cant give you advice on how yours will be ,,but I love a big family

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    well im a mother of three baby oldest is 3 my second one just turned 2 and i have a 5 month be honest it is hard really hard but it is all worth it.its nice to have a lil baby but i would say wait on the 3rd baby let you your babies be babies cause when you have ayour next one you the one before that wont be the baby.and if it happens and god blesses you with another baby that means that you were ready for you next one.but so for it is hard but if god blesses you then so be it .lol!!!

  • i have a 4 year old a 1 yea old and i was actually due today with my 3rd boy.. so i will soon have 3 kids... any amount of kids is hard... and i kno its gonna b harder for me bein a single mom.. but everything happens for a reason... good luck..

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