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Does Y!A sumtimes make you step back and look at yourself?

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    yes I think that I think too much and when I come on here I just let it all out even though I'm a nice guy in real life on here I just type type type it's like I have multiple personalities which can be a plus sign sometimes.

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    Did you get hurt patting yourself on the back for that one? I mean it's not exactly rocket science, is it Jethro? LOL Yeah I would have done the same thing myself, except I would have glanced through the instructions just to see if there was anything special in there that might have a smidgen of interest for me, otherwise I would just pop open a beer and let the wife do it because that is a man's job. That could, of course, explain why I am divorced now.

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    step back?

    from what?

    outside of myself you mean?

    what should i see?

    what do you see?

    you mean in the mirror?

    what if i didn't have a reflection. would you run?

    i don't look the same if i haven't slept for a few days.

    no, not the bags under the eyes but behind. no sleep does things.

    so when i'm rested? or should i do it right after i wake up?

    how bout now? should i look now?

    do you like it if i stand like this?

    how bout like that?

    want to take a picture to keep it with you?

    what is proper?

    oops i've changed and now you've lost it.

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    All the time!

    Especially when I get really angry at trolls & start ranting and raving...I take a step back and think, man I need to get a grip on reality...Y/A is just a website!

  • Yes, when I answer some of the questions I get enlightened. When I read some of the questions or answers I also feel like I am getting a better look at myself.

    Thank all of you

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    yes when they tell me when telling a nswer that hickies arre not a sign of love but his possesion and then tell me im inappropriate ,sometimes the trolls let the crap thru and delete the answers with morals.then they let in terribly in appriate questions with no probe .the only thing im thinking of why am i still here .yahoos getting bought out this year thats why

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    It does not. What it does do however is make me wonder what in the hell has happened to the U. S. school system AND why in the name of God parents do not explain to their kids how it is that a person becomes pregnant. Pathetic on both counts.

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    at times it does

  • 1 decade ago

    yep thats why i like this sight in soo many ways ...u start to figure yourself or learn more about yourself when u open up and talk

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