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Is US giving $500,000 to China for quake relief?

according to this article:


anyone know any other sources?

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    The IOC is offering $1M, the USA is offering an initial $500,000 in earthquake relief in anticipation of an appeal by the International Red Cross. Tokyo is also set to provide an initial $4.8 million in cash and goods. Other countries and international aid groups have offered assistance if requested by the PRC. So far, China has expanded great efforts on its own to address the impacts of the catastrophe.

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    Haven't read the link but I did hear they were doing this....and they have a serious reason for doing it, beyond offering the aid itself.

    Aid is being blocked to Myanmar right now, and what little help is getting through is being re-labeled by the gov't and military to advertise themselves to their people. They have even tried to hold an election in the midst of the chaos. Pretty corrupt place.

    Anyway, the US gov't is trying to get aid to the people in Myanmar but can't....but China has some big influence there. So, if the US can get China on their side, they might in turn, make some doors open in Myanmar.

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    China Daily 14th May 2008 issue, page 4

    Under the heading

    Countries stand behind China, offer aid.

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    I am sure that many countries offer aid when a natural disaster hits. I actually remember China offering aid to the US during the hurricane in New Orleans. A shame, they should have accepted advice on how handle the crisis in the US!

    China seems to be doing a very good job.

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  • I hope so......when a nation is in trouble, other countries should help.

    Back in 2005, when Katrina hit US, China sent money also. Now it is the US turn to help.

  • reggie that was rude and if the u.s.a give china some bux to clean up after the earth quake should be a good deed from the u.s.a. you are the nerd

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    USA is a very friendly & helpful country! Even if this site is true..it duzn matter... If China do need extra help...then they shld accept it gratefully if not its their own downfall...

    but its nothing for us worry abt and laugh abt....

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    I don't know. Haven't read or heard about that one yet.

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    there are heaps of information on Chinese newspaper websites....

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    Have a second thougt on that?

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