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I need a safe, reliable website?

I'm trying to purchase a Nikon D80.

And I need a website that is reliable, and cheap.

I DON'T WANT SCAMS! Such as prestige, razz, or regal.

Please help.

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    Try Computizone.com

    I recently upgraded from a Nikon D70 to the D80, and I am in love with my camera again! I had stopped using the D70 because it seemed no matter what I did my images were always grainy looking. With the D80 all of my images have been extremely sharp, even with an older 300mm lens. I also love being able to hold down the shutter button and let the camera take picture after picture, I have been able to get some amazing shots as a result. I think the built in flash is more powerful than on the D70 as well, some pictures I took inside turned out good and did not look like an obvious flash picture (shadows, dark background, etc.). I highly recommend this camera.

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    craig's list?






    i think the most reliable is circuit city. or just go to WalMart and get one (if u live in the states) or go to any store.


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    I always buy electronic items from deals website like www.DealsHotDeals.com .It's a scam free website.I always get things of best brands with lowest price every of its type.

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    Go to http://www.pricegrabber.com

    Read the customer reviews for the merchants selling the item you want.

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  • Sakura
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    I've had great experiences with Amazon, B&H, and Adorama.

    I don't really trust E-bay. You have to be extra careful with them.

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