Can you make a LAN with nothing but two laptops with wireless cards?


A friend of mine and I will be traveling in Europe for a few months together. We'll both have wireless-equipped laptops, and we're both fans of the game Civilization 4 and would like to play together via LAN. Since it probably won't be often that we'll be able to find a router or an internet connection for us to both connect to, is it possible for our two computers to connect to each other using nothing more than our wireless cards so we can play the game? Any help would be appreciated. If it matters, we're both running windows XP.



If we could also make a LAN with just a cable connection between the two computers that would be fine too, but as near as I can tell plugging an internet cable in both computer does nothing in terms of making a network.

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    Certainly. You can set the wireless cards to communicate in "ad-hoc" mode. This would allow you to create an "ad-hoc" LAN between the two systems. You could share files, etc. Make sure you both have XP service pack 2 or later.

  • It can be done. Ad-hoc mode is what you want to set your wireless interfaces on the two laptops too. It can be a bit hit or miss though.

    Best solution would be to get a cross over ethernet cable. You can get them for next to nothing. Must be cross over, not patch. Will be a lot easier to set up, the connection will be faster and you will not lose signal at a crucial point in your game.

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    It sounds like your computer is an older kind yet i'd desire to be incorrect. The quickest approach may well be to make certain you have a instantaneous router attached on your DSL. this might supply the easy function mandatory to create a instantaneous community. I additionally might recommend you get a Linksys instantaneous Router as I relatively have had stable studies with those interior the previous. the subsequent element you would be able to desire to do is get a instantaneous adapter on your computer, if it would not already have one. i might propose you get a USB one through fact the PCMICA enjoying cards are particularly costly. a pair of issues you would be able to desire to think of roughly. make optimistic the router and the cardboard on your laptop compliment one yet another. If the router is a instantaneous-G Router ascertain you get a instantaneous-G card. the shop clerk might maximum in all probability be waiting that can assist you to with the relatively determination here. do not bypass with instantaneous-N because it has not been formally standardized yet. to date as putting issues up, Linsys comes with extremely respectable setup training which at the instant are not confusing to stay with.

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