Who is the secretary general of bolivia?

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    Bolivia doesn't have a Secretary General. Rather the executive (branch) is composed of:

    President: Evo Morales

    Vice President: Alvaro Garcia Lineras (head of the congress)


    The following three secretaries are the most important ones

    Secretary of Government (MINISTRO DE GOBIERNO) - Alfredo Octavio Rada Vélez (equivalent to the US Secretary of State);

    Secretary of the Presidency – Juan Ramon Quintana Taborga (MINISTRO DE LA PRESIDENCIA)

    Secretary of National Defense - Walker San Miguel Rodríguez (MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA NACIONAL)


    Less important secretaries include:

    Rural Development, Agribusinesses and Environment - Susana Rivero Guzmán

    Education and Culture - Maria Magdalena Cajias De la Vega

    Justice - Celima Torrico Rojas

    Economic Development - Graciela Toro Ibañez

    Economy - Luis Alberto Arce Catacora

    Energy and Hidrocarbures - Carlos Villegas Quiroga

    Mining and Metallurgic - Luis Alberto Echazú Alvarado

    Public Infrastructure, Utilities, and Homes - Oscar Coca Antezana

    Production and Micro-businesses - Angel Gonzalo Javier Hurtado Mercado

    Foreign Relationships (diplomacy) and Religion - David Choquehuanca Céspedes

    Healthcare and Sports - Walter Selum Rivero

    Labor - Walter Juvenal Delgadillo Terceros

    Water - Rene Gonzalo Orellana Halkyer

    Source(s): Bolivian Government - Official Web Site http://www.presidencia.gov.bo/presidencia/gabinete...
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