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does JIRO WANG have a friendster account???

does JIRO WANG have a friendster account??? not a fan account....... i just want to know????

by the way....

Jiro Wang also called Da dong is a member of a male band called Fahrenheit/ Fei Lun Hai!! it's a taiwanese band!!! my friend saw him from the drama called Hana Kimi (taiwanese Ver.)

and also this can help u???

does he have a friendster account???? not a fan profile!!!

tnx for ur kindness!!!!

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    i don't think he has a friendster account.not one that i have heard of anyway.he has a blog though

    fahrenheit r so busy so i dun think he has the time to create a friendster account.i have doubts he even noes wat friendster is...LOL. bt watever it is i love him anyway..XD <3333

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