What are bolivia's enemies?

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    Bolivia is in the middle of many countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

    History tells us that Bolivia had an ally in a secret tready back in 1872, Peru. During those years every south american country had a border dispute with every neighbor, so Peru wanted to include Argentina in the tready, but they refuse because of border disputes with Bolivia.

    Chile declared war to both Peru and Bolivia and took away considerable land from both. Bolivia had a terrible drawback by loosing their access to the pacific ocean during that war.

    From 1932-1935 Bolivia had a war against Paraguay, a war considered to be a loss to both countries.

    Now Bolivia faces an other enemy. This one works from the inside but the true source comes from Venezuela, a true menace to all south american countries (until he gets what he deserves) The president Hugo Chavez who finances the FARC terrorist movement in Colombia, who controls the presidents of Ecuador, Nicaragua and Argentina, and who finances the opposition to the peruvian goberment.

    in 2 days the ALC-UE Summit is going to be held in Lima Peru. I bet that some protest is going to show up and you bet that it's all financed from overseas. Mr. Chavez anounced that he isn't going to be present. Add 1 + 1

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