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Who would win in these 2 on 2 games?

Which team would win?

(Chris Paul + Gilbert Arenas) vs (Deron Williams + Baron Davis)

(Dwight Howard + Kevin Garnett) vs (Amare Stoudemire + Tim Duncan)

(Vince Carter + Tracy McGrady) vs ( Joe Johnson + Michael Redd)

(Dwyane Wade + Lebron James) vs (Kobe Bryant + Carmelo Anthony)

(Devin Harris+ Tony Parker) vs (Steve Nash + Jason Kidd )

(Yao Ming and Yi JianLian) vs (Shaq O Neal + DJ Strawberry)

(Paul Pierce+ Shawn Marion) vs (Lamar Odom + Josh Howard)

wierd mathcups huh?

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    Chris Paul and Gilbert Arenas-They are faster and good shooters.

    Amare Stoudemire and Tim Duncan- They are experienced players and thhey can post-up more quickly than most players.

    Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady- They have more experienced and they are used to playing in high pressure situations.

    Dwayne Wade and Lebron James- They are both faster and can shoot from 3 point range.

    Devin Harris and Tony Parker- They are faster and younger.

    Yao Ming and Yi Jian Lian- Shaq is too old and DJ is too inexperienced.

    Paul Pierce and Shawn Marion- You have a great shooter(Pierce) and a great guy who can attack the rim (Marion)

    I would like tosee these match-ups in the future!!

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    chris paul, gilbert arenas

    Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett

    Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter

    Kobe Bryant, melo

    Nash, Kidd

    Yao, Yi

    Marion, Pierce

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    deron williams> chris paul, him and davis take it. everytime williams and paul play williams jsut straight up kills him. and gilbert hasnt been good this whole season.

    howard and garnett of course, duncan is great but hes old and amare isnt as good as either of the first to by alot.

    joe johnson and redd becuase mccrady stiniks when the pressure is on and vince carter is old news.

    kobe and melo, wade stinks

    ill take nash and kidd, to much experience and brains for parker and harris to handle.

    shaq stinks, i dont know who strawberry is so ill go with the chinese guys

    peice and marion are better in my opinion so ill go with them.

    yeah some of them are pretty weird haha

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    Deron and BDavis

    Dwight and KG

    VC and TMAC

    D-Wade and LBJ

    Steve and J-Kidd

    Shaq and DJ

    Pierce and Marion

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    Flying has the exact same answers as me!

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