How to loose weight?

Mmk.This isn't my account,but I'll be on here sometimes,and I'm ten,no big deal,right?


I'm like 5'3 and I weight 110-113.

I want to loose weight by this summer.

Don't tell me I'm a growing girl,it will go away,etc.

I want to know;

What I should eat:





and what exercises I should do.

Thanks a bunchh.<3

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    First, get smaller plates. Most dinner plates these days are huge.

    Next, plate your food as follows, 1/2 the plate vegetables, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrates. Fruit on the side or for snack.

    Eat less, and more often. Instead of three big meals, three small meals with three snacks in between.

    Shop in the outer sections of the supermarket. That's where the healthy foods are. The junk is in the middle.

    Read the labels.

    Go for items with higher dietary fiber. If you eat pasta, get whole wheat pasta. It has more fiber, plus I think it tastes better.

    Fats: You need them to process vegetables, so don't cut them out. Besides they help make many things taste better. Just cut way back. Also check and make sure the are unsaturated fats. That will help your cholesterol levels. The fats you want are usually the ones that are liquid at room temperature, but completely avoid trans fats. Trans fats are near liquid, but they are saturated fats and are REALLY bad for you.

    DO NOT CUT OUT SWEETS. By trying to cut them completely, you end up binging on them, then regretting it later.

    When you eat carbs, have some protein with them. That keeps your blood sugar levels even. Even if your not diabetic, your blood sugar levels can still fluctuate and cause problems.

    Condiments such as mayonnaise and butter. Do not use the light or low-fat varieties. Just learn to use less. That way, if you go out and the light variety is not available, you're used to to it and don't go overboard.

    If you do binge, do not get discouraged and go back to old habits. Say "oh well, tomorrow's a new day," and get back on that horse.

    Walking is great exercise. Walk at least three days a week, minimum of twenty-thirty minutes at a time. Brisk walk, not a casual stroll.

    Realize that this is a life change, not a diet. Diets don't work.

    Source(s): This is advice I got from nutrition classes I had to take before getting gastric bypass surgery. Following these methods, I lost weight and decided to forego the surgery.
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  • 1 decade ago

    you're not overweight and i'm sure you know this. i'm fifteen, and since you're ten you should be foucusing more on being healthy than skinny, so that as you grow and develop your body will even out and you'll be pretty the rest of your life, not just now.

    anyway, eat healthy food, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grain bread, no fast food etc. if you're serious about losing weight you can go vegetarian, meat is quite fattening. as for excercising, run, swim, bike, dance, join a sports team, do leglifts and crunches before you go to bed, whatever. Everyone's different, find excercises that work for you.

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