Why dose Cam'ron from dipset claim Ohio?

He says stuff in some of his music bout da C.o aka Columbus, Dayton, clevlend ect. but isnt he from harlem

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    he isn't claiming it he's giving it respect. in Ohio those are some of the grimier towns with the drug scene often glorified in the dipset records. Dayton is rather serious given how small the town is; far as crime someone is getting taken out every week, which is nothing for New York, even Harlem, but given that Dayton is down to around 160,000 residents (city proper), last I heard, suggests that a lot of dirt is going on in that town. in any event it is going to take a lot to clean up the place.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's from Harlem, he shouts out A LOT of places.

    Don't forget that he shouts out Youngstown, Cleveland and Cin

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  • 1 decade ago

    lol @ collard greens^^^^

    dayton is like a 3rd world country

    but yeah Cam is jus showin love to us (i'm an Ohian) bc we deserve is a lot of people try to sleep on us but he obviously knows the truth

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