Church party = Exorcism?

Let me introduce myself as an atheist.

I was invited to go to a summer- themed party at my boyfriend's church. I agreed to go- "what could possibly go wrong"? I thought.

Now I realize once they find out I am an athiest (they can smell it right when you walk through the door), I may find myself facing multiple conversion attempts.

Your opinion on how to handle this, please.

Should I have a bit of fun, go wild and act possesed by the devil, or should I be respectful and bored?

(No offense towards Christians at all, trying to spark some interesting discussion)


Wow, didn't think the answers would be so serious...

Thanks to everyone, though!

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    Truthfully, I would say just act normal. Though I can see it being interesting to screw with peoples heads, it may not be a good thing. A friend of mine actually had a group of Catholic Priests chase her through a park just because they believed she had premaritial sex and had children, which in truth were her little cousins. It might not be a good thing to try, could end up going wrong. Unless of course the church goers had any kind of normal sense.

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    while its tempting to play on their stupidity its probably best to just be respectful. Remember that they're people with their beliefs too, and even though they're led to believe its ok to try and convert you, just try and be nice.

    Tyr and give off the message that you don't want to be a Christian, but you want to be friends with them (even though ya probly dont). If you find a polite way to say this what are they going to do, say they don't want to talk to you? They'll lay off a bit if they don't think your evil.

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    thanks for the no offense because im a christian i respect that your an atheist because you can be anything you want but i think that you should be respectful even though you might be bored your boyfriend might like it if you could be respectful too but it doesn't have to be boring just try and have fun.

    Hope this helped : )

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    go, be respectful, but be firm. you don't have to be a bad representative for the atheist view. just don't be a doormat, either.

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