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Is it really true that government corruption (at the federal level) ONLY occurs in the OTHER party?

We see how our local and state governments are EXTREMELY corrupt, in BOTH parties, but somehow the "angels" at the fed level seem incorruptible as long as they are in OUR party, while the "demons" in the OTHER party are ALWAYS up to something AWFUL.


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    Corruption exists in all parties at all levels. Period.

    Anytime there is power to be abused, someone will abuse it...and politicians are some of the most ego-centric, self-serving people I have ever met!

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    The philosophy of "Government" in design is an institution to keep the rich rich and put the idiots to good use and keep them in their places. I'd say they've done a great job at that.

    Taxes, Military, Healthcare, Commercialism = works like a charm

    How can a totally rancid apple be corrupt? How can you discern the corrupt parts?

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    Being loyal to a particular political party is like being loyal to a sports team. People do not argue with the logical part of their brain, but rather respond emotionally because that party agrees with their personal morals, ethics and upbringing.

    It's also human nature to want to belong to something and have others who agree. It makes us feel important to have a cause, no matter how little control we have over it.

    The truth is ALL politicians are corrupt.

    Source(s): Take a look at this Emory University study:
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    Not really, I see corruption in both parties, It's just the other party are the only ones being punished for the corruption.

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    Corruption can come from everywhere, no longer merely government. examine out the present BP element the place they are actually related to liberating the lockerbie bomber with a view to look after offshore drilling contracts with Libya... it isn't the size of a rustic or government that concerns, it rather is the point of corporation - solar Tzu

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    The only explanation is that they are all corrupt, but they have their differences in what they are going to be corrupt about, and that is why we are divided in who we support. We all sell out, just as they do, to reality, for without doing so they could not assume a position worthy of doing what they wanted to to begin with.

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