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Jane Doe kits?

Article about the new "Jane Doe" rape kits, which identify the victim by number and can be kept on file until the victim decides to press charges. The requirement to have these in hospitals is part of the Violence Against Women Act. So is VAWA all bad, people?


Blah, how is this at the expense of ANYONE?

Many women don't decide to press charges until the evidence has been washed away. These kits give women the opportunity to not let fear prevent them from collecting the evidence.

Update 2:

Blah, post some concrete evidence. Your "stoning" analogies are getting on my nerves.

Update 3:

Blah, i posted a link supporting my point of view. all i'm asking is you do the same. from a reputable website.

Update 4:


i showed the positives. you show the negatives. really, how hard is this? i sense you are having a difficult time with it.

Update 5:

EDIT- CC, while i appreciate your enthusiasm, rapists DO have rights, under the criminal court system. i don't think we should be out in a lynching mob these days.

Update 6:

EDIT- @Rebel- thanks for that valid point. i totally agree with you....though wouldn't the rape kit swing both ways for men and women?

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    The one problem I have with VAWA is that it basically states that violence against women is worse than violence against men. I don't really have a problem with most of the things that come with it, like this.

    Would the rape kits work on men? I think they're a good idea anyway.

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    patriotn: What would you do if you were raped? Men DO get raped you know. I imagine you may feel pretty disgusted, ashamed, and worried nobody would beleive you. Not to mention the fact that a polce employee would PHYSICALLY REACH INSIDE YOU and examine you, before taking all your clothes away, asking you to relive the whole experience while it is written down, and asking you to go to an ID parde if they have someone, if not, then just letting you go back into the comminuty knowing that the rapistmay know have an even bigger wish to silence you, perhaps permanently this time.

    Oh, and you may get to go to court and be CROSS EXAMINED either by the defence lawyer or the accused. All the time you know that the conviction rate for rape is tiny.

    Not to mention that a lot of men (including jurors) think that it isn't rape if:

    She is married to the rapist

    She is a prostitute

    She went on a date with the rapist and kissed him.

    She was "leading him on" by dressing in a sexy way or flirting.

    Fancy it much?

    SO yes, you may pause for thought. One can see why some women don't even bother, would rather shower furiously, go to bed, and try to get over it alone.

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    Sad to say, but "rape kits" are medical procedures that someone must pay for. Victims are often billed for any medical treatment they receive. If health insurance doesn't pay for the kits, most states, including Alaska, will pay for the procedure as a means to secure evidence.

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    Any law which protects one group of society at the expense of another is bad.

    If we had a law which legalized the stoning of women who cheated on their spouses but also allowed money to go to help homeless men, would you say the law wasn't all that bad or would you be upset that it was sexist?

    What do you mean by concrete evidence? Sweeting poison doesn't make it less of a murder. Smiling when you steal something doesn't make it less of a theft. Giving money to help rape victims doesn't make the rest of the law less sexist against men. I don't know how much simpler than that I can make it.

    What do you mean post a source? You have implied that VAWA is great because it allows funding of rape kits in hospitals. I'm saying that one good thing doesn't take away from the sexism inherent in the Violence Against -Women- Act.

    Let me walk you through this...


    2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex, as in restricted job opportunities; esp., such discrimination directed against women.


    2. treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: racial and religious intolerance and discrimination.

    So...if a law is in favor of one group at the expense of another, that's called discrimination. If these groups happen to be based upon sex, then it's called sexism.

    Men's tax money goes to women only programs.

    You get it now?

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    anything that might help women (i) cope with the aftermath of rape and (ii) get justice should they decide to press charges is a good thing in my opinion

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    The "Violence Against Women Act" is a sexist bias law that favor women but discriminated against men, so yes it is bad.

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    it's a good idea. i still think women will under report, but any little bit helps.

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    She shouldn't wait around to decide to press charges.

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    As you can see, some of these guys suffer from acute tunnel vision and are unable to see the benefits of VAWA. I can't see how any men would suffer from this system other than the rapists, and who cares about their rights?

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    If the woman was raped, then why would she not decide to press charges immediately?

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